American Express Sports Betting Maryland

Easily one of the most popular banking options for Maryland sportsbooks today. More and more people are turning to American Express to fund their sports betting action online – and for good reason!

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Place online bets with Amex in MD

For starters, American Express has a nearly legendary reputation regarding customer service, security, and overall safety. On top of that, American Express offers some pretty amazing rewards for customers that use their cards frequently.

Add to the mix the fact that you can use American Express to get money into your online sportsbook account almost instantly. And also having the ability to use that money in bets and wagers right away. It is not hard to understand why so many choose to use this as their primary funding source.

To learn a little more about all that Amex brings to the table as a payment method for Maryland sportsbooks. And to also learn the basic ins and outs of how to use this option. The advantages and drawbacks, and (almost) everything else you need to know, let’s jump right into this detailed guide!

Which Maryland Sportsbooks Accept American Express?

While not quite as universally accepted as a banking or payment option with Maryland online betting platforms the way that maybe MasterCard and Visa are. The overwhelming majority of platforms that accept credit cards as a funding source will allow you to use your American Express.

Maryland online sportsbooks are interested in making it just as easy as humanly possible for their account holders to fully fund their accounts whenever they like. Nothing is as easy to use (or as secure) as credit cards like AMEX.

Even still, there are some holdouts throughout the sportsbook industry in MD that has yet to jump onboard the AMEX train. It’s worth having a look at the credit cards that your chosen sportsbook accepts as a funding or payment source before you just assume that you’ll be good to go.

It’ll take 30 seconds to confirm, and it’ll eliminate a lot of headache and hassle, that’s for sure.

Best American Express Sports Betting MD sites 2024

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DraftKings American Express Sports Betting Maryland DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
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Betfred American Express Sports Betting Maryland Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now
BetMGM American Express Sports Betting Maryland BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
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  • Early Cashout feature
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Top MD sportsbooks with American Express 2024


To help you jumpstart the process, though, we can share with you a couple of top Maryland online sports betting platforms that accept American Express right now – this moment – that are well worth creating an account with.


The folks at MGM accept American Express (and all other major credit and debit cards, for that matter) as a funding source. On top of that, they also offer some of the best initial deposit bonuses you’ll find anywhere in the Maryland sportsbook industry.

We are talking about deposit matches between 50% and 100% that can be good for anywhere between $250 and $1000 (or more). It depends on the specific bonus offer you’ve been provided when your account is created.


DraftKings is another great online sportsbook in Maryland that accepts AMEX as a payment source, allowing you to place traditional sportsbook wagers as well as get in on DFS action, all from one really easy-to-navigate mobile experience.

You won’t be able to use AMEX to withdraw your money with DraftKings, though. Just know that ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Caesars sportsbook

The Caesars Sportsbook is another of the most popular Maryland sportsbooks online today, and for a good reason.

They provide almost unlimited access to sporting events not just in the United States but around the world, allowing players to place wagers on a nearly 24/7 basis – all while funding their accounts with AMEX cards.

Best of all, they have some of the most generous deposit bonuses, deposit matches, and player rewards that you’ll be able to trigger the second that you add your American Express card to your account and make your initial deposit.

Maryland sportsbook banking with American Express


Depositing with Amex into MD betting sites

The overwhelming majority of AMEX betting sites are approving this payment method for depositing only. Deposits are almost instant, are about as secure as it gets, and you’ll be able to see the transaction on your AMEX statement almost immediately, too. And the only deposit limits you’ll have to worry about are the credit limits you have on your card!

Withdrawing from Maryland betting sites

There aren’t a lot of AMEX betting sites out there that are going to let you withdraw your money through the American Express card that you’ve added to your account.

There’s just not much functionality for this to work, and the platforms that offer this as a withdrawal system make the process more convoluted and complex than it needs to be.

You’ll almost always have to use some other third-party or alternative fast payout method in MD to get your hands on your money through American Express.

This slows things down and introduces plenty of potential for something to go sideways, your money to be paused or held, and many other headaches to pop up. You should stick to alternative withdrawing methods.

American Express fees and hidden charges

While there are a couple of reasons, more and more people are starting to use AMEX betting sites, one of the biggest advantages of using this card to fund your sports betting action is that you won’t have to worry about any surprise charges or hidden fees.

Funding your account with an AMEX betting option will be just like ordering something from Amazon or eBay. The amount of money you want to fund your account with is exactly what your card is going to get charged, and that exact amount of money is going to land in your account (almost instantly – not a penny less.

American Express processing times

As far as processing times are concerned, you’re looking at one of the fastest depositing methods in the online sports betting world here. As we mentioned a moment ago, using your AMEX to fund your mobile sports betting account will work a lot like purchasing anything else online.

The second you click the CONFIRM button on the amount of money you want to add to your account through your American Express card. You are going to get a notification that the funds are available – provided that your AMEX approved the transaction, anyway (and there was enough credit on your card to cover the deposit).

If there is a delay in the rare event, it’s usually only 30 seconds or so (maybe a little bit longer). Any longer than that, and you want to reach out to the customer service of the online sportsbook you’ve chosen for more help.

American Express features and benefits 2024


AMEX bonuses from betting sites are not all that common. However, you will be able to use your American Express card to cash in on new player bonuses, initial deposit bonuses, and deposit matches.

It’s not a bad idea to double-check the fine print of these bonuses and promos just to make sure that your AMEX deposits are going to be “eligible,” though. Taking 30 seconds to double-check could be the difference between getting a 100% match on your deposit and getting nothing extra at all!

Benefits of using American Express at Maryland sportsbooks

For starters, AMEX is one of the most trusted names in the credit card world today – not just in the United States but worldwide.

This company has a legendary reputation for security, safety, and fraud protection that even companies like MasterCard and Visa don’t enjoy. It’s nice to know that you’ll have people in your corner should something go wrong when using this as a payment method for your sports betting activities.

Secondly, American Express betting site funding is ridiculously fast. Like we talked about a moment ago, there is often no delay whatsoever between clicking the CONFIRM button on the deposit screen and then finding that money immediately added to your account – ready to go and be bet with.

Other options offer really fast deposits, but few of them match American Express’s speed. Lastly, you can always add your AMEX card to your account at all of the top Maryland sportsbooks and use it to “refresh” or “top up” your war chest whenever necessary. This 24/7 access to a source of funding helps guarantee that you never miss out on a bet or wager you want to place.

Drawbacks of American Express

Compared to some of the other credit card options out there (like MasterCard and Visa specifically), AMEX just isn’t quite as widely accepted – even in the online sports betting world.

You may find yourself having to use intermediary services to fund your sports betting account with your American Express card (jumping through a middleman like PayPal, for example). That might slow the process down slightly and introduce fees that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

Finally, the chances are pretty good you won’t be able to use your AMEX card as a withdrawal method for your sports betting account. That’s true of most other credit and debit card options, though, so make sure that you have a plan to pull out your winnings that don’t involve American Express.

FAQ’s About American Express online betting in Maryland

How safe is it to use my American Express for online betting in Maryland?

American Express has a legendary reputation for fraud protection, safety and security, and one of the best customer service departments in the credit card industry. You are safe using your AMEX card with legitimate online Maryland sportsbooks.

Will money added to my account from an American Express card get there instantly?

A 99% of all depositing situations involving an AMEX card, you are going to have access to your funds instantly. Sometimes there may be a delay of a second or two (maybe even 30 seconds or so), but those situations are very rare.
If you do not see your AMEX funding in your account immediately, it’s not a bad idea to contact the sportsbook customer service department and see what’s gone wrong.

Are there any limits to how I can use my American Express with MD online sportsbooks?

The only real limit you’re going to have placed on how you use your American Express card with sports betting platforms is the credit limit you have on that card! Besides the general inability to use AMEX as a withdrawal method, you’re going to find this card introduces a lot of banking freedom for all your sports betting action.

Can I withdraw money with my American Express from betting sites in Maryland?

As a general rule, no, you will not be able to use AMEX to withdraw your winnings.

Can I use the same American Express across multiple Maryland mobile sportsbook accounts?

There isn’t anything whatsoever standing in your way of using one American Express card across multiple Maryland sports betting accounts. You could fund your MGM, DraftKings, and Caesars Sportsbook accounts (one right after another) from the same card and have zero pickups whatsoever.