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Maryland betting bonuses

A winning bet can mean much more than a simple win on Maryland sports betting sites. A large number of available bonuses at Maryland sports betting sites can up the ante and the fun. Bonuses can amplify winning bets — and even losing bets.

Sports betting bonus Guide in MD

Deposits are rewarded with bonuses, and there are bonuses awarded even with no deposits required. You can even get bonuses just for signing up for online sportsbooks. Let’s take a look at some of the many bonuses available for you to take advantage of on Maryland online sports betting sites right now.

Compare MD online betting bonuses

We have taken it upon our selves to compare the available MD online betting bonuses in the state, you can find in our top list our picks. There you can easily compare the different bonuses and other perks of our top online betting bonus list in Maryland.

Best betting bonus in Maryland


When offering the best betting bonus in Maryland, you as a bettor need to consider the different types of bonuses available. On this page we will present to you what kind of bonuses you can get, and other special offers that might entice bettors in MD.

Sports betting promo codes in Maryland

Promotions and special offers can include the old classic promo code. Sports betting promo codes in Maryland offers bettors an extra boost with a simple code that you can use. With a promotion code, sports betting in Maryland will make your account “bigger” for your needs.

No deposit bonuses in MD


You may think you have to spend money to make money on online sportsbooks, but that’s not always the case with Maryland sports betting bonuses. Online sportsbooks in MD, or in any state, occasionally offer no deposit bonuses, especially when a new betting site is launching and wants to attract and retain bettors.

No deposit bonuses come in different forms, most typically in money-back guarantee bets. These often mean that you make a wager, but if you lose the wager, the online sportsbook will refund it in full. No deposit bets are often marketed as bonuses for first-time players.

No deposit bonuses are a form of bonus popularly known as free bets (more on this below). This typically comes in the form of free betting bonuses, such as William Hill’s $100 bonus in free betting credits when you sign up for the site. Such forms of no deposit bonuses mean you can make wagers without your own money.

Winners still win, but losing bets have no impact on your wallet. Such no deposit incentives are designed to showcase the overall online sportsbook platform and advertise their offerings in an attempt to differentiate them from the sportsbook crowd.

If you decide to do most of your betting on one Maryland online sportsbook, there may be more no-deposit bonuses in MD coming your way to get you to stay put.

Examples of no deposit bonuses:

  • FOXBet’s $20 free bet without deposit.
  • Caesars Sportsbook USA’s $10 no-deposit bonus free bet.
  • 888sport’s $10 no-deposit welcome bonus.

Free bets Maryland


Also known as risk-free bonuses MD, free bets are one of the most popular Maryland sports betting bonuses — for both betting sites and among bettors. Free bets or risk-free bets MD can come in the form of no deposit or deposit bonuses. A risk-free bet promotion usually means you can make a free wager without depositing any money.There are also risk-free bets where you have to deposit your own money.

For example, you can make a $20 wager, and your winnings are added to a balance. If you lose, you get the equivalent of your wager in the form of a “free bet,” in this case $20. Then, you can try again.

Another example can be found for new players on the FanDuel Sportsbook, which offers a risk-free bet of up to $1,000. This also requires a deposit, but then if your first bet is a loss, you can get up to $1,000 back. Other sites offer similar free bet bonuses of various amounts, such as $100 or $500.

Free bets aren’t restricted when you’re playing the odds. For example, you chose the Broncos at -6.5 points at home at -110, make a deposit, and a $500 wager. If they win, for example, 27-10, you take home $454.50, and it takes into amount your original wager, so you actually get $954.50. If you lose that bet, you’ll get $500 in free site credits.

Examples of free bets:

  • Bet365’s $500 free bet bonus with promo code.
  • PointsBet’s $250 deposit bonus with promo code.
  • Wynnbet’s up to $500 in risk-free bets.

Deposit matching bonuses – Maryland


Deposit matching bonuses in MD make it easy for you to maximize your winnings. Many Maryland online sports betting sites offer this incentive. These are often used for small deposits, especially for new bettors, but many online sportsbooks offer great Maryland sports betting bonuses for large deposits as well.

How do they work? First, you usually need to deposit some of your money into your account before taking advantage of these bonuses. Then, if a betting site offers a 100% cash bonus, for example, you’ll double whatever you make as your first deposit. Some sites also offer 20% or 50% matching.

If it’s a 50% deposit matching bonus and your first deposit is $200, you’ll end up with $300 to use. Typically, sites will offer 100% for new bettors as a push to make your first deposit. Some even go higher, as much as 200%-400%.

The catch is that the higher the match goes, the site may limit your deposit to very small amounts. Some sites may use deposit matching bonuses as cash bonuses; you keep all of your stake if your wager wins. Other sites offer this bonus as a free play bonus; you just keep your profit.

Examples deposit matches:

  • DraftKings welcome bonus of a 20% deposit match up to $1,000.
  • Xbet’s 100% deposit bonus up to $300.
  • Intertops’ 100% deposit bonus of up to $100.

Boosted odds bonuses – MD


Average-Joe sports fans can benefit from typical Maryland sports betting bonuses like free bets and deposit bonuses. Another offer is MD boosted odds bonuses.

These are typically tied to big sports events, such as a soccer tournament, a heavily touted matchup between teams with big fan bases, or events featuring massively followed players, like golf’s U.S. Open or tennis’ French Open. Boosted odds are highly variable and subject to the whims of betting operators.

For example, they may put 100/1 odds on Germany beating the United States in the World Cup or 300/1 odds of an unranked tennis player defeating Serena Williams in the Wimbledon finals. How can you take advantage of a odds boost? For one, they require a deposit and generally are restricted to small wagers.

But if you include such a boosted odds bonus and win, you are often paid in free bet credits. Some of these boosted odds bonuses are available during the course of a big tournament, too. In this case, they are typically use to reward you for continuing to bet on a big event.

Say you make a bet on a quarterfinal match during the NBA playoffs. If you subsequently bet on another quarterfinal match-up, sites may adjust the boost to increase your winnings even more.

Examples of boosted odds:

  • DraftKings offering free plays and deposit matches on boosted odds related to college basketball.
  • Golden Nugget regularly offers boosted odds bonuses on college basketball.
  • FOXBet offers boosted bets every day of the week chosen by sports analysts for the biggest games.

Sign-Up Bonuses – Maryland


Welcome to online sports betting! Here’s a bonus! You’ll likely get a greeting like this when registering with a wide variety of online sportsbooks. As the Maryland online sports betting world grows, this is becoming an increasingly common offer to get you to stick with a certain company — and keep on betting. These are some of the easiest bonuses to receive and take advantage of.

They often come in the form of bonus codes sent when you’re signing up for an online sportsbook and can be incredibly lucrative, encouraging you to make a first bet or deposit. Sometimes, sign-up bonuses are called initial deposit bonuses. In this case, betting sites will offer you a certain amount in free bets that’s tied to your initial deposit. Other sites reward you for making your first deposit that’s particularly large, say $1,000 or $2,000.

Sign-up bonuses often include promotions such as a loyalty or VIP program. This typically means you can accumulate points every time you make a wager (or multiple points for larger wagers). All you have to do is sit back and watch as your points accumulate. Over time, points can be exchange for a variety of special offers. These include free bets and qualifying to unlock boosted odds or other types of bonuses tied to a wager.

Points can also mean you get preferred status at certain properties — like hotels or restaurants — owned by the company you are registered to bet with.

Examples of sign-up bonuses

  • FanDuel’s welcome offer of free bets up to $1,000.
  • Golden Nugget’s sign-up offer of a bonus up to $250 in free bets.
  • Barstool’s new-bettor offer of a risk-free bet up to $1,000.

Maryland online betting summary


As Maryland sports betting sites joins the world, it’s a great time to for sports fans to take advantage of not just all the new avenues for betting but the bonuses that come with them.

Sign-up bonuses welcome you aboard — and reward you in the process — but if you stick around, other bonuses, like free bets, deposit matching and others make betting on sports online in Maryland not just fun — but lucrative as well.

Rollover requirements

Some Maryland sports betting sites have rollover requirements, which is a minimum wager you need to make before you cash out any winnings, including those tied to bonuses. These are often signified with multiples, such as 5X and 10X.

What that means is that if you start out with $500 in a sportsbooks’ first deposit, sometimes the rollover requirement means that if it has a rollover rate of 5X, you can’t withdraw the money if you’ve wagered five times that amount, or $3,750.

These can be stringent requirements, but keep in mind that many promotional bonuses do not have these rollover requirements, especially for first-time wager-makers.

FAQ’s About bonuses at Maryland betting sites

Who can get Maryland sports betting bonuses?

Anyone who registers with a reputable online sportsbook in Maryland qualifies to receive a slew of bonuses. But first, to play you must be 21 years old or over and a resident of the state where you are playing.

Signing-up bonuses are often tied to promotional codes, and you must use such codes sent during registration to redeem these bonuses. Sports betting bonuses online often come with terms and conditions, so be sure to read through all the rules tied to bonuses before deciding if making a wager tied to them is best for you.

What about bonuses for players who aren’t new?

Don’t worry. While many Maryland sports betting bonuses are geared toward first-timers, there are plenty of bonuses that long-time bettors can benefit from. One example is a reload bonus that amplifies deposits made after your initial deposit on a site.

These deposits are often boosted by online betting sites, matching a certain percentage of them in free plays (for example, matching about 25% or 30%). Through this bonus, online sportsbooks are showing their appreciation for you staying with them.

Do you have a set amount of time to use a bonus?

Often, yes. For sign-up bonuses, you must use a promo code sent to you while registering to bank the bonus. Some online sportsbook also require a deadline for using a free play bonus, typically about 30 days (which starts as soon as you unlock the bonus). Check each online sportsbook’s terms and conditions if you have any questions.

When can I get the most bonuses?

Apart from when you first sign up with a site, many online sports betting sites in America capitalize on the most popular sports events by offering bonuses during such matches as the Super Bowl or tournaments like March Madness.

Otherwise, high profile UFC matches are often promoted with various bonuses, typically boosted odds bonuses. The NBA playoffs also come with high number of bonuses. Europe-based soccer (er, football) tourneys also are promoted with a wide variety of bonuses, typically cashback and boosted odds.