Free Bets in Maryland

Online sportsbooks occasionally offer free bets in Maryland to all new users. You have probably come across some offers when considering various online sports betting sites to sign up for. In this guide, we’ll discuss free bets, how they work, types of free bets, how you can take advantage of them, the pros and cons, and the best sportsbooks for free bets.

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Free Bet bonuses MD

Sports betting competition has grown as more and more sportsbook sites, and apps enter the market. This is why sportsbooks must offer promotions, and free bet offers in order to attract new customers.

You should always stick with regulated, legal sportsbook sites and read the rules and regulations before you accept the offer. Choosing the right site can help you take advantage of your bets. Risk-free bets and matched bet bonuses are good things to look for when signing up for a new sports betting site.

Best sites with Free Bets in Maryland 2022

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Best Maryland Free Bets

  • BetMGM

BetMGM offers a 100% deposit match for new users in their welcome offer.

  • PointsBet

PointsBet Maryland offers two risk-free bets, meaning they will refund you up to $2000 if you lose your first two bets.

  • DraftKings

DraftKings Maryland is an online sportsbook that offers a $50 bet for free for making a deposit. They also offer a basketball special bet where you can bet one dollar and win a hundred dollars.

They also offers a free no-deposit bonus worth $25 for new users. This lets you try out their site or app before you put any money into it.

  • FanDuel

FanDuel Maryland offers another kind of free bet. They will refund you up to $1000 if you lose your first bet. They also offer insurance bets, which gives you your money back if your team loses in a particular way.

The operator is frequently offers risk-free bets up to $500. If you place a bet and lose, you don’t lose any money. If you win, they do not include your stake in your winnings, so you break even either way.

  • Barstool Sportsbook

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland offers risk-free bets up to $500 for new users. You must use this promotion in the first 24 hours of making your account. They also offer a new player bonus that gives new users a free bet if their first bet loses, along with a $10 bonus just for signing up.

What are free bets in MD?


Free bet offers are promotions that reward you for signing up with an online sportsbook. For example, you can get Maryland betting bonuses for making a deposit to an online sportsbook or placing your first bet.

There are a lot of ways you can get rewarded for using online sportsbooks. However, if you want to take advantage of these free bets, you need to understand how they work.

How do free bets work in MD?

Free bet bonuses are advantageous for customers in that they offer the potential to earn money without the risk of losing money. They are also advantageous for sportsbooks. Free bet offers attract new customers, which helps them stay in business.

Free bet offers work differently for each site and the type of free bet they are offering. For example, a free bet offered for an initial deposit will be loaded into your account instantly. If you have made a risk-free bet, you will be reimbursed if you lose.

Types of free bets

There are multiple types of free bets that online sportsbooks offer. This section will describe the types of free bets you may encounter when betting at Maryland online sports betting sites and mobile apps.

Most of the following bets apply to new customers, but you can still take advantage of some offers even if you already have an account.

Risk-Free bets

Typically, only new customers can take advantage of risk-free bets. With a risk-free bet offer, the bettor places a bet at a sportsbook. If they win, they get the money as they normally would when using the sportsbook. However, if the bettor loses, the betting site will credit them for the amount of the bet.

In order to make a risk-free bet, you must first make a deposit. After you have loaded money into your account, you can then place your first bet.

If the bet loses, the sportsbook refunds the money you bet, but not in the traditional way. Instead, they offer a free bet worth the amount you bet the first time. Then you are free to make another bet. With this type of bet, you break even with each bet you lose until you finally win.

Matched Bets

Matched bets refer to a free bet up to the same amount as the first bet you placed. This type of bet is similar to a risk-free bet. With a matched bet, if the bet you placed loses, you can bet again using a free bet. And if the initial bet you placed wins, you still get the free bet.

Matched deposit

A matched deposit bonus is when the sportsbook offers to match your initial deposit. With these more generous offers, the sportsbook will likely be more strict with the playthrough requirements.

No deposit offers

With no deposit offers, you can bet for free. You don’t have to make a deposit, and you can still win money. Sports betting sites offer this type of promotion in hopes that you eventually make a deposit to continue playing.

No deposit offers are around ten to twenty dollars. This offer is not as simple as placing bets with the bonus offer and taking out your winnings if you win. With a no deposit offer, you’ll have to play through.

This means that you can’t take out the money you win until you get a certain amount. The money goes towards future bets, so you may have to play up to 15 times before you can take out your winnings. This type of free bet offer lets you try the site out before you deposit any money.

Money-back offers

Money-back free bets offer you your money back if your bet loses in a specific way. This usually means if the team you bet on lost in overtime, in extra innings, or after a certain amount of time played.

With this type of free bet offer, your sportsbook will give you your money back if your team lost in a certain way. So you won’t make a profit, but you won’t lose any money either.

How can I get free bets in Maryland?


To claim free bet offers, you will likely have to sign up for and make deposits at Maryland sports betting sites. Once you have an account, you can use promo codes to take advantage of free bet offers.

Online sportsbooks offer free bets on their websites and mobile apps, but you can also find bonus codes on third-party sites.

After signing up, or before signing up for a new online MD sportsbook site, check the promotions page for offers. There will most likely be a welcome bonus available as well as other promotions and loyalty offers.

Pros of free bets

The major pro of free bet offers is that they can help you make a profit when placing bets. It can be a challenge to beat the sportsbook, so taking advantage of free bet offers is a great way to get ahead.

Using free bet offers helps you use an effective betting strategy. For example, you can use these bonuses and promotions to double your initial bet or initial deposit, which can help turn the odds in your favor. Also, with risk-free bets, you can try out different sites before you choose one to deposit money into.

Cons of free bets

Some free bet offers are not what they seem. This is why it’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions of any offers or promotions before you accept them.

Free bet offers are usually limited to one person per household. This way, one bettor can’t open up multiple accounts and use the offer over and over again. There are also age restrictions for free bet offers.

When accepting free bet offers, one thing to pay attention to is whether or not a bonus code is required. It is possible to lose out on a free bet just because you did not enter the bonus code. Free bet offers also expire if you don’t use them in time.

Another con is that some free bet offers have a large playthrough requirement, which means you have to place a lot of bets before you can take money out.


Every bonus and promotion offer has rules and restrictions. For example, when placing a free bet, the bet must be at a minimum odds level. There is usually also a time limit, and if you don’t place your bet in time, you will lose out on the bonus.

Your free bet must also be a straight wager. It can’t be a round-robin type of bet. Also, as mentioned before, you are limited to one offer per household. Another restriction for free bets is that you must verify your location. In addition, you must be betting in the state you reside in.

FAQ’s About Free Bets in Maryland

What are Free bets at MD sportsbooks?

Free bets are a form of bonus that has become increasingly common in Maryland. This means that you get a sum to place a free bet with. Free Bets are one of the most common bonuses you can use today.

Where can I get free bets in Maryland?

Several sites in Maryland offer free bets. The only thing you need to do to take advantage of a free bet is to register on a betting site and then once inside the platform make use of their bonuses.

What are wagering requirements, rollovers & play-through?

When you create an account and receive a deposit bonus, there is always something called a wagering requirement. This means that you must play through your bonus money with the gaming company a number of times before they are available for withdrawal.

What is the difference between Free Bets in Maryland and a Risk-Free Bet?

The only real difference is that with a Free Bet you do not have to “stand” for the bet, but the sportsbook does. With a Risk-Free Bet, you are the one who stakes the bet, but you also get it back if the wager loses.

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