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Maryland sports betting apps

In 2022, the first Maryland sports betting apps enabled residents of the state to partake in. Herewith us, you can compare all betting apps in the state, filter on app rewards, payment methods, or the minimum withdrawal requirements. All this so that you can find the best Maryland sports betting apps!

Find Maryland sports betting apps

With the massive range of Maryland sports betting apps, there are many options for the betting lover in the state to play at. There is a total of 60 welcome offer and a whole bunch of loyalty programs and offers, as well as odds on lots of sports and games.

But what makes mobile betting better, and why has land-based betting declined in popularity? All this and much more you can read about in the following guide on Maryland Sports Betting Apps.

Compare Maryland sports betting apps

For many people, mobile betting is a new thing. Several players have not visited the land-based betting locations in many months because of this.
When it’s time for mobile Maryland sports betting apps, a total of 60 online sportsbooks apps may be licensed along with 30 land-based bookies.

Whether mobile betting will have a breakthrough and compete with land-based ones remains to be seen. If we take a look at other states where betting is legal, mobile betting has had a significant advantage with their rewards and convenience that comes with it.

Best Maryland sports betting apps


From a total of 60 online sportsbook apps in the state, it was more than challenging to choose the best Maryland sports betting apps. But we have done our best and based it on the general gaming experience and the sportsbooks app banking methods.

Below you’ll see the list of those who will most likely apply for a license in the state. And will thus probably launch their sportsbooks in the autumn of 2021. These are also the next best Maryland Sports betting apps of 2022.

William Hill Betting App

With the William Hill Betting Maryland App, players get their bang for the bucks with excellent world-class offers and odds. The sportsbook, which has long operated in several countries worldwide, has now shifted its focus to the United States, and more specifically, Maryland.

The bookie is available today at both land-based sportsbooks and with their betting app in a total of 15 states in the United States, with more and more licenses being added.

The William Hill Maryland sports betting app can be expected to launch during the fall of 2021 if they apply for a license and are also granted one by the state. You can now download the William Hill Betting App for Android and iOS. Please do so by clicking on their website and following the steps for download.

FanDuel sports betting app

Marylanders have previously been able to use their platform for Daily fantasy sports, but now Maryland residents can place bets on actual events through their sportsbook. We are, of course, talking about the fantastic betting app, which is expected to apply for a license in MD.

Here the sports betting lover will find great odds, rewards, and sports to bet on. In addition to this, we can also see that they focus on their offers and odds boosters. This is awesome for the player who wants to get the most out of their bets.

The FanDuel Maryland Betting App in Maryland is expected to be among the first sportsbooks to launch in 2022. Together with their DFS offering, they will most likely be a force to reckon with.

You can now download the betting app for Android and iOS by clicking on their website and following the download steps.

DraftKings Sports Betting App

Of course, the DK betting app also ends up on the best Maryland Sports Betting Apps list.

With a long time being the leading force in DFS, they have been able to gather an understanding of what players are looking for. Therefore, we can find about 20 different sports to bet on in their offering, with Live in-game betting, odds boosters, and a VIP program to sign up for.

Their odds are top-class ranked, and with recurring offers and rewards, you can take home the big win on selected games. With all that they have to offer, it is one of the many reasons for their popularity in the states they operate in.

The DraftKings Maryland Betting App in MD is also expected to launch during the fall of 2022. The app will soon be able to download for Android and iOS by clicking on their website and following the steps for download.

Barstool Sportsbook Betting App

One betting app that can be counted among the newcomers in the gaming industry is the Barstool Sportsbook Maryland Betting App, which was launched for the first time in Pennsylvania in September 2020. They are among the few sportsbooks in the state, who did not choose to launch first in New Jersey but instead went for Penn-state as its first launch.

We see that they have both the opportunity and the will to expand, but today they are only operational in two states in the United States. Despite this, they are highly ranked in both, and with their offers, we are not surprised.

They offer betting on 18 different sports from leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. In addition, it is possible to wager on events such as the Super Bowl or the NFL Draft, as well as live and prop betting.

Their betting app in Maryland is one of the sportsbooks that we really hope to arrive in the state. You can download the betting app for Android and iOS by visiting their website through our links and following the steps for download.

PointsBet mobile App

Next in line of sportsbooks most likely to top the list of the best Maryland sports betting apps is the Australian, PointsBet Maryland betting app!

The sportsbook is currently available in 5 different states and was launched in all of them in just a few months during 2020 and 2021. Being the latest addition to Michigan in the spring of 2021, we can only imagine that they are more than happy to expand further.

At their betting app in Maryland, we can expect great rewards, odds, and lots of sports offered. Furthermore, we also hope to see a well-developed app and an excellent betting experience through mobile devices.

The Sportsbook app in MD may launch during the second half of 2021 in addition to the licenses that will be distributed. You can download the betting app for Android and iOS by clicking on their website and following the steps for download.

Golden Nugget Betting App

Next in line, we have the American land-based casino Titan, which now also offers sports betting – the Golden Nugget Sportsbook Maryland betting app!

The online sportsbook is available today in three states and is expanding by the day. They are expected to grow their online presence into more and more states in the United States, and we hope that the Nugget will be one of the Maryland sportsbooks.

Here you will find lots of sports and odds on offer, where you can place bets pre-game and live (in-game). In addition, all new players are awarded a risk-free bet as a welcome offer, meaning you can place big bets and lose nothing if it does not work out.

Their betting app in Maryland is one of the sportsbooks that we unfortunately think will apply for a license a little later. And launch during the winter of 2021 / start of 2022. You can download the betting app for Android and iOS by clicking onto their website and following the steps for download.

Caesars mobile App

Here, too, we see a land-based casino and sportsbook that is more developed and has the ambition to expand. Namely Caesars Sportsbook Maryland betting app.

Behind this sportsbook, we find a well-established company founded in 1966. They have delivered world-class gambling to US citizens. Today, they can be found as a retail bookie in 16 states, but their online sportsbook can unfortunately only be found in 3.

At their betting app in MD, we expect, just like in Pennsylvania – world-class betting. With lots of odds, rewards, and sports to bet on, we hope that we can soon take part in wagering from this excellent app. You can download the betting app for Android and iOS by clicking onto their website through our links and then following the steps for download.

SugarHouse mobile App

The sister company of the BetRivers Sportsbook is also expected to make it into our list, namely the SugarHouse Maryland betting app.

In this sportsbook, we may find fewer sports to bet on, but on the other hand, we found that they offer among the best rewards on the market. For those of you who want to get a good start on your betting career, you’ll be able to use great deposit options at their betting app in Maryland.

Furthermore, there are several reload perks, odds boosters, and specials to take advantage of. And not to forget, this sportsbook also has a VIP program for its most loyal bettors.

Other great mobile sports betting betting apps in MD:

Mobile sports betting apps Maryland


It will soon be possible with mobile sports betting apps Maryland for iOS and Android-driven mobile devices. But what is the difference between them? Are there more apps for one than the other? Which of these in Maryland has fast payouts?

For those of you who are curious about this, the following part of the guide is perfect for reading. Here you will get a greater idea and picture of mobile sports betting apps Maryland offers.

Android sports betting apps in Maryland

When the licenses start to be given out, and the sportsbooks open up for games in Maryland, one can wonder how it will differ from Google Play and the Appstore.

We can announce that for android sports betting apps in Maryland, there will be plenty of such but just as well for iOS. Today, as far as we know, there is no difference in the range of android betting apps in Maryland compared to iOS, even though this is the belief of many.

Due to the simple fact that sales for android smartphones have increased and thus also the number of users. Marylanders will have as many android betting apps to choose from as iOS users will have in the Appstore.

iOS sports betting apps in Maryland

In the part above, we mentioned that there will be no difference in the range of iOS sports betting apps in Maryland compared to Android. Today, betting apps are being developed for both operating systems. You can easily download these apps for iOS either through the online sportsbook’s website or by searching for them in the Appstore.

Above we have listed some of the betting apps that may launch in MD, but more are expected. The sportsbooks apps below are already available through the AppStore and may be established for iOS sports betting apps in Maryland.

How to bet from MD betting apps


For information on how to place bets from your mobile MD betting apps and also how to download the apps for this. The steps will be covered in the following part of the guide. Furthermore, you will also get to find out more about the banking options available for deposits and withdrawals and a selection of the sports you can bet on.

How to download MD betting apps

Once the MD betting apps companies have been licensed and able to operate in the state, it’s time for you to start betting. Until then, it may be good to have knowledge on how to download MD betting apps in order to prepare.

This is easy to do. The more challenging part is to decide which one you want to bet on. As previously mentioned, a total of 60 sports betting apps will launch, and therefore a lot to choose from.

To download a sportsbook’s mobile app, either find it on your iPhone’s Appstore or visit their website. The easiest way to do this through us is to go through the button in our comparison lists. Once there, you can follow the steps and link for downloading the app for iOS and Android.

Banking options at MD betting apps

Today, there are many different banking options offered at sportsbooks in the US. With options from e-wallets, various credit cards, and debit cards, and the classic bank transfer transactions shouldn’t be a problem. But what about banking options at MD betting apps? Which ones can we expect to use, and how do we proceed to find the best one.

To find the best banking solution when you bet from MD betting apps, you first need to decide what you are looking for. Are you looking for speedy transactions? Do you want it to be comfortable? Do you want to avoid repeated entries of card information? If you have the answers to these questions, you can easily find a banking option that suits you.

MD betting apps deposit and withdrawal

We have compiled a list of all the deposit and withdrawal methods offered at MD betting apps. You will most likely not find all of these on every single sportsbook in MD, but many of them are provided regularly.

Sports market for MD betting apps

Using the payment methods above, you are able to make deposits and withdrawals from MD betting apps, and then place bets on lots of sports and games. Today, the range of odds on sports to bet on from mobile devices is considerable.

It can sometimes be more extensive than those found at retail sportsbooks in the state. You’ll find all the sports you can bet on when it comes to Maryland sports betting apps in our guide.

Benefits of mobile sports betting app Maryland


Today, a mobile sports betting app Maryland has plenty of benefits, which many sites already chose to discuss. But you need to understand the big hype around it and why it is so essential that sportsbooks have apps to place bets from.

1. Easy to use sports betting app in Maryland

The main benefit of mobile a sports betting app in Maryland is that it is straightforward. It has never been easier to place bets from your mobile devices with well-developed and easy-to-navigate apps. With just a few clicks, you can collect all your bet slips and quickly review them before placing them.

This is incredibly desirable and long-awaited by many players. With mobile sports betting, we make it easier for all players to place bets, perform deposits and withdrawals and review the odds offered.

2. A Maryland sports betting app in your pocket

This is accurately what mobile sports betting means, betting in your pocket. With a Maryland sports betting app on your mobile devices, you always have the option to place bets. This means that you can do it simultaneously as you do something else.

Betting in the pocket has never been more sought after on the market, and it allows us to place bets live and pre-game.

3. Save time with a sports betting app in Maryland

Another benefit is that you as a player save time. And time also means money, as petrol costs or other travel costs are entirely excluded when betting online.

Thus, a player saves time when choosing mobile sports betting app in Maryland because they do not have to be in a specific place to be able to place a bet. It is very convenient, time-saving, and money-saving. It is simply a win-win for bettors!

MD sportsbook apps


MD sportsbook apps is expected to take a large number of market shares in the sports betting market i when it’s time for launch. Meaning more and more players will want to bet from mobile devices and apps, and therefore we will prepare you for this.

To be able to bet on MD sportsbook apps, unlike retail sportsbooks, you’ll need an account. But no worries, this is both simple and quick to create.

Register at MD sportsbook apps

To register at MD Sportsbook apps, you’ll need to fill out a short registration form. This will ask for basic information about you as an individual, such as Name, Date of Birth, address, email address, telephone number, and social security number.

With the help of this information, the gaming companies will ensure that you meet the age requirements set for sports betting in Maryland. After filling in the forms, you only need to create a password and accept the terms and conditions for games on the sportsbook. After this, you can easily make a deposit and start betting!

FAQ’s about Maryland sports betting apps

Can I bet from my mobile device in Maryland?

Soon you will be able to bet from your mobile devices in Maryland on lots of different licensed sportsbooks. You will find operators such as William Hill, PointsBet, FanDuel, BetRivers, and more in the state soon.

Where can I download Maryland sports betting apps?

You can find all Maryland sports betting apps here with us and easily click on the websites to download them.<br>Most apps are available for both Android and iOS.

How do I use an MD sportsbook app offer?

We have listed all MD sportsbook app offers to easily take advantage of. Copy the code or click on your selected sportsbook app through the comparison list on the page.

Is it safe to play betting apps in Maryland?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to wager on betting apps in Maryland, as long as they hold a state license for this. We have listed all the licensed betting apps in Maryland, all of which are safe to wager on.

Can I place bets in the William Hill app in Maryland?

We do not yet know if William Hill will apply for a license to operate in Maryland. We will learn more about this in 2022.

Can I bet in the DraftKing’s mobile app in Maryland?

We hope that this autumn, you will be able to place bets through the DraftKing’s mobile app in Maryland. At the moment, this is not possible, as the licenses have not yet been distributed to betting companies in the state.