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Love the excitement of cheering on your favorite teams? How about when you have a little bit riding on the outcome? Take all of that and add that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, and you can get an idea of just how popular Maryland sportsbooks are. Let’s take a look at some of the best MD online sportsbooks, and all that they have to offer.

Compare Maryland sportsbooks

Maryland sportsbook operators has just been legalized since just 2021, but it’s part of a big national trend. MD is among 20 states that have legalized it, with even more also approving retail and legalized top Maryland sportsbook offers completely. Compare Maryland sportsbook offers here in our list to find your top picks.

Maryland sportsbook guide

With a guide in hand, you can easily jump in to find and compare different Maryland sportsbook operators to satisfy your needs. Compare in this guide in our top list with different Maryland sportbook offers and payment options.

Best Maryland sportsbook


DraftKings sportsbook

One of the biggest online sportsbooks is also one of the first. DraftKings Maryland sportsbook is particularly good about assisting first-time online sports bettors, with an easy-to-navigate online sportsbook with great information sections to explain the ins and outs of Maryland sportsbook betting.

Upcoming game schedules and odds breakdowns are regularly updated and easy to find, grouped chronologically and by sport. There is also an option to enter pools contests — many have free entry fees with regularly large payouts, often between $5,000-$10,000.

DraftKings also sports a well-regarded VIP program by invitation only, offering big promotions, benefits, and personalized contests in their Maryland sportsbook.

FanDuel sportsbook

Also well-organized and particularly good at highlighting American sports, FanDuel Maryland sportsbook is primarily known for its daily fantasy sportsbook. But there’s still much to admire about its online sportsbook, especially its promotional deals for new customers (more on that later).

This Maryland sportsbook boasts a great number of different types of sports and leagues to make wagers on, along with different types of bets. They gets high marks on the betting front for both secondary markets and lets you bet on halves, periods, and sets within larger games.

BetMGM sportsbook

BetMGM Maryland is backed by one of the biggest names in casinos in the world, MGM Resorts. Campaigns are easy to find on their platform, but the interface leaves a little to be desired (it’s cleanly organized but not as intuitive as some of the other Maryland online sportsbooks).

Still, the number of wagers and bet types is generous, everything from championship and player futures to game props, spread betting, and round robins. If you’re an NFL or NBA fan, you’ll particularly enjoy the available number of spreads for those games. BetMGM takes pride in their live betting offerings for both minor and major events, and it’s easy to keep track of a game with BetMGM’s match center, displaying everything in real-time.

PointsBet sportsbook

Based in Australia, PointsBet Maryland is making waves on online sportsbooks shores. PointsBet differentiates itself with its unique form of betting called PointsBetting, for spreads and totals. But don’t fret — traditional betting is still available.

With their own type of betting, bettors can win a lot more money when their wager outperforms bookmakers’ expectations. Also innovative: The platform accepts up to $10,000 in same-day pre-game wagers for the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as all NFL and MLB games.

One other spectacular feature that’s unique to the brand: a “Name Your Bet” offering. This means if you think of a certain kind of wager or sports market not already available on the sportbook, you can just tweet it out to @PointsBetUSA and use #nameabet. They’ll then make it happen.

Unibet Sportsbook

This brand belongs to one of the biggest in the industry with their eye fixed on the Maryland sportsbooks market. Unibet Maryland will without a doubt be one of the contenders longing the title: “Best sportsbook in Maryland 2022“.

Other Maryland sportsbook operators that might apply for one of the 60 licenses in MD

Sportsbooks in Maryland


Mobile Maryland sportsbook versions

Maryland sportsbooks make it super easy to use their websites, but even more impressive: their Maryland sports betting apps. Each of the above and others in Maryland has a free sportsbook app to download, available on both Android and iPhone. These apps offer the full web experience, everything from betting to receiving deals and tracking betting odds in Maryland and scores.

Some are particularly well-equipped — FanDuel and DraftKings get especially high marks — and exquisitely designed. You can also make deposits and withdrawals — and track offers — easily on apps.

Regulations on Maryland sportsbooks

The rules and regulations related to sportsbooks in Maryland continue to evolve, and many report that there may be about 60 licenses up for approval, including a group of popular companies that are making rounds in the state, including DraftKings sportsbook and FanDuel.

The sportsbook in Maryland has found a great home, a state with a long sports history, ranging from jouisting and lacrosse to cheering on Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles, the Baltimore Colts (now the Baltimore Ravens), and betting on horse-racing at the annual Preakness Stakes.

In general, you can bet on a wide range of sports online, including college sports and national championships, including the NBA Finals, NCAA Final Four, golf’s Masters, Euro soccer tournament, and the NFL’s Super Bowl.

Sportsbook in Maryland options

The different sportsbooks in Maryland options boast a wide variety of sports to place wagers on. These typically include professional, college, and international leagues, including.

How to bet on a sportsbook in Maryland

First, register for one of your choice, and carefully pick a sportsbook in Maryland that matches your taste in sports. Once you complete the registration — you’ll be asked to provide some personal information and to verify your identity — and the operator approves you, you can begin betting.

To bet, you need to make deposits into your account. Though you may receive registration deals in the form of free bets, risk-free bets, or bet matching, typically, you need to make some sort of deposit with your own money to begin.

A sportsbook in Maryland offer a variety of deposit options for you to choose from. The most popular options include PayPal, credit and debit cards, PayNearMe, ACH/e-check, Skrill, Neteller, and Play+ prepaid cards.

Once there are funds deposited, you can make your best Maryland sports betting! Simply locate a “bet slip” section on the sportsbook in Maryland (they’re often clearly identified in the homepage’s upper right or left corner) and fill out the pertinent information.

Types of Maryland live sportsbook bets


If you’ve bet on sports before, you’ll likely recognize many of your betting options on Maryland live betting sportsbooks. Often some form of the following bets are available for any sport or sporting events you choose.

Moneyline sportsbook bets MD

As straightforward as online sports betting gets, Moneyline bets let you simply bet on what team or which player will win a specific match. If you’re wagering $100, for example, you’ll likely see the odds of a team winning written like +150. Those are the odds, and if you win a money line bet, you’d get $150 in profit on top of your $100.

Point spread sportsbooks betting MD

Particularly popular within football and basketball, point spread betting revolves around the favorites (indicated by a “-” sign) and the underdog (a “+” sign). For example, if you wager on a team that’s a 3-point underdog and it ends up winning or not losing by 3 or more points, your bet wins. Spreads are usually determined with -110 odds, which means that you must bet $110 to win $100.

Maryland live sportsbook Totals

Also known as over/under betting, you’re betting on the final outcome of the game, specifically if the total points from each team are either over and under what the MD sportsbook says it will be for each wager. Totals betting is popular in football, hockey, baseball, and basketball.

Maryland live sportsbook Prop bets

This is a fun one. With prop betting, you’re wagering on some individual aspect of a game or a player in a wide variety of sports. In football, this could mean betting on how often a quarterback makes a touchdown pass or in baseball how many strikeouts a pitcher makes.

They can even get a bit more offbeat, such as the result of a coin toss in football. These are called exotic prop bets, though many of them are not yet legal in the United States.

Online sportsbook Maryland Features


As though being able to bet with online sportsbook Maryland wasn’t enough of an incentive in and of itself, all online sportsbook Maryland offer great deals and promotions to up the ante. Some of the most popular campaigns across the board include sign-up offers, free bet, and risk-free deals, deposit and no deposit offers, and more.

Sign-ups are increasingly popular and lucrative on an online sportsbook in Maryland. On DraftKings, new players can receive $1,050 in cumulative promos just for registering, and on FanDuel, there’s a $1,000 sign-up offer. Some Maryland sportsbooks have referrals for first-timers, including a referral deal for new users, where you and a friend can get $50 each.

Other features at Maryland online sportsbooks

Other sign-up deals are just as enticing, with a $600 sign-up offers on BetMGM and $500 in free bet credits on PointsBet with an initial $250 deposit. That brings us to deposit campaigns where a bettor gets a percentage of his deposit matched, common for new and existing bettors.

Risk-free bets can either be no deposit deals or deposit offers. If it’s a no deposit offer, you can use the risk-free deal to make a bet, and if you win, you keep the winnings, but if you lose you don’t lose anything.

Sometimes Maryland online sportsbooks will offer free bets, say $20 or $50, as incentives to wager on specific matches or tournaments. Other campaigns common online: odds deals, parlay offers, promotions involving free entries into pools with big prizes, and more.

The rollover requirement

You may see a rollover requirement mentioned with several different kinds of deals, including free bets and sign-up offers. This term refers to how many times you must wager a certain offer credit and hit a certain minimum price before you can actually withdraw the MD sports betting bonus. For example, with a rollover requirement of 4x, you must wager your credit four times.

Bottom line

With a wide range of sports covered and exciting deals to take advantage of, Maryland online sportsbooks are quickly coming into their own in the state’s new market. Whether it’s a friendly wager or a bit of fun, if you’re an amateur or a professional, the slate of providers in the state, many of them established names in online betting, will have a bit of something for everyone.

Place your bets, Maryland!

FAQ’s About sportsbooks in Maryland

Who can bet online in Maryland?

Anyone 21 years old and over and are legal residents of the state can participate. Those interested must register with a respective one. Maryland residents can place wagers on players, teams, and games across professional and college sports, including wagers on all props, betting lines, and odds.

Are Maryland sportsbooks safe?

Yes, all keep all of your personal information — especially the money in your account — safe and protected through a system of firewalls and identify-theft protection. If there are any concerns at any time, you get 24/7 customer support.

Which MD sportsbook can I get the best offer from?

It depends, many offers are often used to promote big events that are popular in the United States, including the Super Bowl, the Olympics, or the NBA playoffs. But most MD sportsbooks have regular offers — some each day, some weekly — that apply to general sports, especially the NFL and the NBA.

What if I don’t understand the odds?

No problem. All of them offer comprehensive guides on their sportsbooks that explain basic gaming terms and the exact meaning and results of certain odds depending on your bet.