MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland

If you’ve been eager about jumping into the sports betting action here in Maryland, but aren’t sure of how you would fund your account to kick things off in the first place, we have good news for those looking for MasterCard Sports Betting in Maryland. A majority of the sportsbooks accept the well-known credit/debit card!

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Mastercard sportsbooks in MD

The overwhelming majority of legitimate, reputable, and worthwhile online sportsbooks in the state of Maryland are going to accept MasterCard as a valid payment method when you want to deposit money into your account.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. You’re going to be able to use your MasterCard debit or credit card – the one you likely already have in your wallet right now – to fund your Maryland betting action.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into the ins and outs of how this is possible, the advantages (and drawbacks), and everything else you need to know.

Best MasterCard Sports Betting sites in MD 2024

All the Mastercard betting sites in Maryland for 2024.

Caesars Sportsbook MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,250 bonus Bet now Caesars MD promo code
BetRivers MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland BetRivers Sportsbook Up to $500 in bonus bets
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
Bet now BetRivers MD promo code
DraftKings MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
Bet now DraftKings MD promo code
Betfred MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now
BetMGM MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
Bet now BetMGM MD bonus code
FanDuel MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5 get $200 in bonus bets Bet now FanDuel MD promo code
PointsBet MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet MD promo code
Crab Sports MasterCard Sports Betting Maryland Crab Sports Up to $250 in bonus bets
  • Great live betting options
  • Parlay boost
Bet now Crab Sports promo code

Which Maryland Sportsbooks Accept MasterCard?


Right away, we can tell you that the overwhelming majority (maybe 90% or more) of the sportsbooks in Maryland are going to fully accept MasterCard as a banking/payment option – and the sportsbooks that haven’t yet implemented this payment method are likely going to do so ASAP.

MasterCard is one of the two most popular credit card companies in the United States today and one of the most popular credit card companies on the planet. Literally millions of people – hundreds of millions, even – have a MasterCard credit or debit card in their wallet or purse right now.

There’s no way that Maryland online sports betting platforms will want to miss out on any players who want to use their credit or debit card to fund their account by limiting MasterCard functionality!

Top Maryland Sportsbooks Accepting MasterCard 2024


At the same time, some Maryland sportsbooks have a more seamless and better integrated MasterCard payment system than others – especially the options we highlight below.


MGM is one of the most recognized names in online sports betting and one of the most popular online sportsbooks for Maryland-based players that want to get a little action going on the Orioles,. Terrapins or the Ravens against the Washington Football Team!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that this platform would have one of the most tightly integrated MasterCard deposit systems of all the different sportsbooks out there.

This company has heavily invested in their sportsbook that wants to make it as easy as possible for their players to get money into and out of their accounts, and MasterCard helps to make all of that possible.

DraftKings with MasterCard

DraftKings is another major player in both the DFS and online sportsbook world, and they also accept MasterCard as one of their primary deposit methods. MasterCard is such a popular and prominent deposit method for the player based on DraftKings that it’s one of the very first options you’ll be presented with when you set up your account for the first time. They make it really easy to hit the ground running, fully fund your account, and get cash into wagers ASAP through your MasterCard debit or credit card.

MasterCard Betting at FanDuel

FanDuel has a similar relationship to DraftKings that MasterCard has with Visa. They are direct competitors and widely regarded as industry peers – top-flight options in the DFS and online sportsbook world (especially here in Maryland).

FanDuel also makes it really easy to get started with MasterCard, offering instant account deposits (and often deposit matches good for 100%) and pretty stout security features as well.

Barstool Sports MasterCard Transactions

Barstool Sports has jumped into the fray with their very own sportsbook. While it is easily the newest of the bunch to operate here in Maryland, it’s quickly become one of the most popular options – in large part because of the following that Barstool has in the sports world in general.

They accept MasterCard (and a whole host of other payment options) and are some of the easiest people to work with when you want to fund your account.

Sportsbook Banking with MasterCard 2024


Betting with Mastercard – MD: Deposits

MasterCard is almost exclusively used as a depositing method, though there are some online sportsbooks and sports betting platforms in Maryland that allow you to use it as a withdrawal system (generally only if you’re using a MasterCard debit card, though).

Depositing with MasterCard is a breeze, as we highlighted a moment ago.

All you really have to do is add your card information into the banking section of your sportsbook of choice, confirm (usually with two transactions, very small transactions, just to prove that you own the card) your information, and then you are off to the races.

You can save your MasterCard to be used as your primary funding source, or you can use it as a “one-off.” You’re always in the driver’s seat!

Betting with Mastercard – MD: Withdrawals

Withdrawing your winnings with your MasterCard is a bit of a rarity in the sportsbook world today, with most online operations preferring to do bank transfers, paper or electronic checks, or transfers through electronic wallets and digital payment processors like PayPal, for example.

Still, there are some sportsbooks out there that will let you use a MasterCard debit card to withdraw money if that’s something that you are interested in.

You might have to hunt a little harder to find those kinds of books, though. The “titans” of the space here in Maryland generally don’t offer this kind of functionality.

MasterCard Processing Times

On the processing time side of things, you can expect your MasterCard deposits to hit your sportsbook account almost immediately after you process them.

One of the reasons people love to use MasterCard sports betting platforms is because of how fast they can gain access to their funding. These speed bonuses are especially useful if you’re into live betting action on any betting sites that accept MasterCard.

You’ll be able to jump into wagers on the fly, always knowing that your account can be fully funded with your wager amounts without any delay whatsoever. As a result, you’ll never miss out on betting opportunities you might have missed out on otherwise.

MasterCard Fees and Hidden Charges

There are a couple of big benefits to using MasterCard to fund your sports betting action here in Maryland, but one of the most obvious ones is that you’ll be able to avoid having to pay any fees or hidden charges whatsoever.

Funding your MasterCard sports betting account is exactly like buying anything else online. The transaction goes through, the charge pops up on your invoice and your account, and your money is available to be wagered almost instantly.

It really doesn’t get a whole lot better than that! See also the other payment methods here:

Betting with MasterCard Maryland Features


As far as MasterCard sports betting bonuses are concerned, the overwhelming majority of these bonuses are going to come in the form of deposit bonuses and aren’t necessarily MasterCard specific.

There are no betting sites that accept MasterCard that are running MasterCard only promos or bonus offers right now, though almost all of the big names (including the betting platforms mentioned earlier) offer some sort of first-time deposit welcome bonus or new player deposit match.

Yet look to take advantage of those bonuses whenever possible to really boost your sports betting war chest without going out-of-pocket!

Benefits Of Using Mastercard When Betting In Maryland

One of the huge advantages of using MasterCard to fund your sports betting action is that it is so user-friendly and so straightforward to use. If you’ve ever purchased anything online with your MasterCard, the odds are pretty good you’ll know exactly how to fund your account using this source!

We mentioned a moment ago just how quickly you can get funds into your sports betting account with MasterCard, but it really bears reinforcing. A lot of other banking options (especially on the deposit side of things) promise nearly instant availability of funds, but only debit and credit card options like MasterCard are able to deliver on those lofty goals.

Lastly you can even use prepaid MasterCards if you want to take advantage of the speed and ease of use that these cards bring to the table while still separating your private, personal, and banking information from your online betting account.

Plenty of folks use these reloadable cards to get money into their sportsbook without worrying about dipping into their credit card limits or their checking accounts!

Drawbacks Of Mastercard Betting – Maryland

The biggest drawback of using MasterCard as a payment source for your sports betting account is the difficulty in using it as a withdrawal option.

You might be able to use your MasterCard debit card to pull winnings out your account but you are more than likely going to have to juggle a couple of different payment options on the deposit and withdrawal side of things.

Other folks don’t necessarily love using their private MasterCard or their debit card attached to a checking account to fund their sports betting. You can work around that by getting prepaid or reloadable cards, though.

FAQ’s About MasterCard Betting in Maryland

How safe is it to use my MasterCard with online Maryland sportsbooks?

So long as you are always working with legitimate online sportsbooks operating legally here in Maryland, you should have absolutely zero worries about the safety or security of using MasterCard to fund your betting action.

Can I use a debit MasterCard, or does it have to be a credit card?

Not only can you use either a debit or credit MasterCard to fund your account (and sometimes pull out your winnings, too), you can even use prepaid or reloadable MasterCard options as well.

How quickly is money deposited with a MasterCard added to my account?

More often than not (more than 90% of the time, we would say) you’re going to have nearly instant availability for all the funds that you’ve deposited into your sportsbook account with your MasterCard.
If there is a delay – and they do happen, though they are quite rare – you should expect everything to be resolved in about 30 seconds to a minute or so. Any longer than that, and you’ll want to jump on the horn with customer service to figure out what’s gone wrong.

Can I Use My Mastercard To Pull Out Winnings And Withdrawal Money?

Sadly, this functionality is really quite rare when it comes to Maryland sportsbooks these days. Some platforms are going to let you use a MasterCard debit card to get your money out of your account, but using a credit card from MasterCard to pull your winnings out is a real challenge.

Can The Same Mastercard Be Used Across Multiple Maryland Online Sportsbooks?

Totally! There’s absolutely zero reason whatsoever that you couldn’t be placing bets on the BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Barstool sportsbook – all at the same time, even – while using one MasterCard to fund each of those individual accounts.