Olympics Betting Maryland

As it is the world’s largest sporting event and the world’s second largest spectator sport, the MD sportsbooks know that this is an excellent opportunity to attract new customers. The betting sites in Maryland will offer lots of Olympics offers, promotions and Olympics odds for both new and old customers.

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How to Bet on the Olympics in MD

In the whole wide world of sports, there’s really nothing quite like the Olympics.

Having athletes from around the world meet up with one another for some friendly competition, all in the name of individual and national pride makes the Olympics a spectacle and event that turns into “can’t miss TV” – even for folks that aren’t crazy about some of the sports or events that are being shown.

Thanks to sportsbooks in Maryland, though, fans of the Olympics are able to put a little bit of money down on the games, too. This gives folks back home that chance to get in on some of the Olympic action, even if they aren’t going to be able to podium themselves!

Here’s a quick guide to help people hit the ground running when betting on the Olympics.

Best sportsbooks for Olympics Betting MD 2024

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Olympic betting options in Maryland


Who will win events

Betting on a specific athlete to win a specific event is really nothing more than a Moneyline style wager, one of the most common wagers in the world of sports betting and something that most Olympics betting Maryland bettors are going to be really familiar with already.

With these kinds of wagers, Olympic betting odds are going to be described as implied probabilities. A specific athlete or team is going to be set as the favorite by Olympic oddsmakers and their opponent as the underdog, with these kinds of odds, expressed like this:

  • The United States -120
  • Russia +150

In this particular example, the United States would be the favorite (-120), and Russia would be the underdog (+150). Those betting on the United States would have to wager $120 in order to win $100, while those betting on Russia would be able to bet $100 to win $150.

Olympic Totals wagers

Olympic totals are another popular option for folks that want to know “can you bet on Olympics” and work the same way that totals work when betting on any other sporting event. One of the most popular totals, of course, is the gold medals total wager.

Every year, oddsmakers come out and try to figure out just how many gold medals each individual country is going to win. They then set those odds and give bettors the opportunity to pick either the over or the under of that number.

Just as an example, let’s say that the oddsmakers set the Olympic line for how many gold medals the US will win in the next Olympics at 45.5.

This means that if the United States wins 46 or more gold medals, anyone that bet the “over” would be going home as a winner, too. It also means that if the United States wins 45 gold medals or less, anyone that bet the “under” would be cashing a winning betting slip.

Point Spread action

Bettors are probably going to have a bit of a tough time finding point spread action on Olympic betting odds lines, if only because so many betting events (at both the Winter and Summer Olympics) don’t really have a spread that can be codified in the first place.

Of course, there are some games – basketball, for example, during the Summer Olympics – that are going to have point spread options that work the same way that betting on basketball at the college or professional level would work.

Spreads are almost always used to handicap the favorite and push betting to occur on both sides of the line. You might have a point spread that looks a little bit like this for a rugby game, for example:

  • US -7.5
  • Australia +7.5

This point spread lets you know that the US would have a 7.5 favorite over the Australian team, making the Aussies the underdog.

The US would need to win by eight points or more to “cover the spread,” but the Aussies would only need to beat the US outright (by any score) or lose by no more than seven to cover their end.

Wagers can be made on both the favorite and the underdog to cover the spread (and some even like to go for both just to hedge their bets, particularly when the lines are a little out of whack).

Olympic Props

Because there are so many different events during the Olympics, there are an almost unlimited amount of prop bet options to pick and choose from.

Every single prop you can imagine for every single sport and event will usually be offered by the best Olympics betting Maryland platforms.

The cool thing about prop bets at the Olympics, though, is that you can be betting a prop that a golfer gets a birdie on their next hole while at the same time putting a prop in that a hurdler is going to break a world record during their next race – all while these events are going on at the exact same time!

Olympic Futures

Olympic Maryland online sports betting on the futures side of things is usually pretty fast and serious, especially in the last two weeks in the lead-up to the actual games themselves.

This two-week window of time is usually when Olympic sportsbooks like to get in their final odds before the games actually kickoff, and that’s when bettors are going to start to see gold medal predictions settle in, athlete predictions become a little clearer, and betting lines stop acting so radically.

Bettors can get in on future Olympic sportsbook action in a couple of different ways. The easiest way, of course, is to bet a future on how many medals (or how many specific medals) a country is going to win at the upcoming Olympics.

Other futures include picking individual medalists, individual match and event results, and anything else that has to do with the Olympics before they actually begin.


With so many different Olympic events going on at once, the potential for almost unlimited parlay Olympic odds shoots through the roof. Granted, parlay bets are always going to have a higher degree of risk than traditional “straight up” wagers.

At the same time, when you have dozens of events happening all at the same time – and hundreds of different Olympics betting options available to pick and choose from in parlays – it’s hard to walk away from those opportunities, especially when the payoff on Olympic parlays is often quite high for these risky picks!

Live Betting on the Olympics

There’s nothing quite like live betting in Maryland on Olympics action. Being able to watch world-class athletes at the peak of their abilities throw down against other world-class athletes also in their prime is always a lot of fun and exhilarating.

Knowing that you have actual money – cold, hard cash – riding on the line for a specific income only ramps things up to a 10! Be on the lookout for Olympics betting Maryland sportsbooks platforms that let you get in on as much live betting action as they have to offer.

The sportsbook you pick is hugely important


Speaking of Olympics betting Maryland sportsbooks, finding the right one for betting on Olympics events is maybe the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to this sort of stuff.

The best sportsbooks are always:

  • Trustworthy, with impeccable reputations in the sports betting industry
  • Safe and secure, with industry-leading encryption technology and protection for your private and payment information
  • Easy to use, with interfaces (particularly mobile interfaces) that are clean, well-organized, and effortless to navigate

On top of that, Olympic sports betting platforms worth signing up for should also offer nearly unlimited Olympics betting options, great odds, timely betting lines, and lightning-fast payouts procedures.

Here’s a quick rundown of five of the best Olympics betting Maryland platforms to pick and choose from today.

Five great sportsbooks in Maryland


Trusted all over the world has one of the most reputable online and physical casino companies in the industry, MGM is no fly-by-night operation. Instead, BetMGM Maryland is a premium platform across the board, with a great mobile app as well as fantastic odds and betting lines.


Those on the hunt for nearly unlimited options when it comes to betting on the Olympics are going to love PointsBet Maryland. The payouts are huge (and fast) for winners and the bonuses and promos PointsBet offers are nothing to sneeze at, either.


DraftKings Maryland has almost completely overhauled their Olympic betting odds action, now offering one of the most impressive mobile experiences in the sports betting world. In addition, fast banking (for deposits as well as withdrawals) makes this company a serious contender.


Those looking to put down small amounts of money on real long-shot Olympic odds will love FanDue Marylandl, thanks to the very low adding minimums that they make available on all of their betting lines. In addition, the live streaming action for the Olympics on FanDuel is great, the promos and bonuses are lucrative, and the reputation FanDuel has in the industry is top-tier.


Barstool Maryland is still the “new kid on the block” when it comes to betting on the Olympics, but they have definitely hit the ground running. The amount of prop bets on this Olympic sports betting platform is almost unbelievable. Combine that with the $1000 deposit bonus (one of the most generous in the industry), and Barstool definitely deserves a closer look.

FAQ’s About Olympics Betting Maryland

Can I legally bet on the Olympics?

The United States Supreme Court gave the green light to online sports gambling back in 2018. This means you can legally bet on the Olympics here in Maryland with zero headaches or hassle whatsoever!

Do the Olympics have to be held in the US for me to bet on them?

Absolutely not! Thanks to the power of the internet, you can get into Olympics betting Maryland action no matter where the games are being held on the planet.

Can I bet on any Olympic sport or event?

Almost every single Olympic sport or event is going to have some kind of Olympic betting action or Olympic betting odds available to pick and choose from. It’s very (VERY) rare that you’re not going to be able to get money down on a specific event during the games.

Is there any difference between betting on the Winter and Summer Olympics?

The only real difference between betting on Olympics being held in the winter and Olympics being held in the summer are the actual games and events that are being held. Outside of that, there’s no real difference whatsoever.

What are some of the best sports and events to bet on during the Olympics?

Those that are brand-new to the world of Olympics betting are probably going to want to stick to sports and events that they have put money down on in the past. Basketball, soccer, hockey, and similar events and games are great ways to sort of ease into betting on the Olympics!