Moneyline Odds Maryland

Moneyline Odds Maryland are some of the most basic odds to place bets on in sports gambling, though it isn’t always understood. In this article, we are going to fully explain Moneyline bets, including payout, examples, its relationship to point spreads, and the best sportsbooks with Moneyline bet offers. Read on to find out more about Moneyline Maryland bets today.

Maryland Moneylines

Moneyline Maryland bets involve selecting the winner. Wagering Moneyline bets is easy, but the payout is a bit more confusing. Luckily, there are many good Maryland sportsbook sites that offer comprehensive odds for Moneyline betting, making it easier to select potential winners.

Best Moneyline Odds Maryland Sportsbooks

Here are some of the best Maryland sportsbook sites with Moneyline odds bets:

Barstool Sportsbooks in MD – Moneyline Betting

Barstool Sportsbook MD makes Moneyline bets quick and easy. The mobile app is incredibly convenient with comprehensive odds for many sports. For example, the Quick Pick 6 parlay builder recommends games for building a parlay bet through Moneyline. The only downside is that Barstool typically offers below-average spread odds.

BetMGM MD Moneylines

BetMGM offers comprehensive Moneyline odds betting for most popular sports. In addition, their odds offered are accurate to other sites. BetMGM also comes with a convenient betting guide and app for beginner bettors.

DraftKings Maryland Moneyline Bets

It is incredibly easy to place bets with DraftKings, including Moneyline bets. Although their app and website are a bit less intuitive, they offer good Moneyline odds, though their odds offered are slightly below average.

Fanduel MD Moneyline Odds

Fanduel is a favorite for Moneyline bets because the app is pretty impressive and is available in many states, including Maryland. In addition, Fanduel offers some of the best odds for Moneyline and spread bets, and the majority of their odds are good or above average.

PointsBet Maryland Moneyline betting

PointsBet does not offer live betting, but it is great if you want Moneyline betting. Most of their odds are average or above average.

Moneyline odds explained – Maryland

Moneyline bets are the most basic form of sports betting. It simply involves choosing which player or team will win. Then, whenever you wager on the winning side, you receive a payout amount from the sportsbook you are playing through.

With a Moneyline bet, there are no point spreads involved. Instead, you simply wager on which side you think will win. It is really that simple, especially if you use a Moneyline calculator.

Moneyline Bet payouts explained

Although placing a Moneyline bet is pretty simple, understanding payout is another story. It is confusing because both sides of the wager are paid using a different schedule. If you are betting in a sport that has draws, the payout can be even more confusing.

With each Moneyline bet, there are three components, including the favorite, the underdog, or the even. Each one of these component payouts is based on a $100 wager, but you don’t have to bet $100. The $100 base just makes math a bit simpler.

The favorite of a Moneyline Bet

The favorite is the team or player who is expected to win. Besides the favorite team, there will be a negative number. Using $100 as the base betting unit, you would need to wager the number listed in order to win $100.

For example, let’s say that the Houston Astros have -177 odds. These odds mean that you would need to bet $177 in order to win $100.

The underdog of a Moneyline Bet

The underdog is the team that isn’t expected to win, and the payout chart is the opposite of what it is for the favorites. Next to the underdog team, there will be a positive number. This positive number denotes how much you will win if you bet $100.

For instance, the Baltimore Orioles have an odd of +155. As a result, you will win $155 if you bet $100 on the Baltimore Orioles, and they win.

The evens of a Moneyline Bet

The third component is evens. This happens whenever the two teams playing are so close in terms of odds that either team is equally likely to win or lose.

Because either team is likely to win, you will see a +100 beside either team. This means that you will win an additional $100 whenever you bet $100 on the winning team.

Moneyline Bet example

Assume that the Houston Astros and Baltimore Orioles are playing one another with the odds mentioned above. Once again, the Astros have -177 while the Orioles have +155. These odds mean that the Astros are the favorite, and the Orioles are the underdog.

If you want to bet on the Astros, you have to bet $177 to get $100 if they win. In the case that the Astros win, you will get a total payout of $277. On the other hand, you may want to bet on the underdog. For example, if you bet $100 on the Orioles, you get an additional $150 if they win, leading to a $255 total payout.

Moneyline MD betting strategy

One thing that’s important to notice with these Moneyline bets is that you can win bigger on the underdogs, but they are less likely to win. On the other hand, with the favorite, you are more likely to win, but you have to risk more. So you have to weigh the pros and cons carefully with every game you place a Moneyline bet on.

Moneyline Bet outcomes

With the Moneyline bet, you can either win, lose, or draw.

Win and lose

In order to win, you have to correctly choose the player or team that won. If you do not select the right winner, you will lose. In the case that you are betting on a team with a draw option, you lose if the game does not end in a draw.


Draw option is a bit more confusing. Some sports, such as soccer, can potentially end in a draw. However, not all sportsbooks have a draw option, even for sports that can end in a draw.

In the case that you bet on a game that ends in a draw, but the sportsbook did not give this betting option, you will have your stake returned, meaning you don’t lose or win any money. However, you will lose your money if the sportsbook offers a draw option and you simply do not select it.

Moneylines vs Spreads – Maryland

Making a Moneyline bet does not involve a point spread in any way, but the potential payout is connected to the point spread. So, generally speaking, putting your money on a game with a smaller point favorite often results in better payouts.

Moneyline vs Spread payout example

For example, assume that the Baltimore Ravens have a 3 point favorite spread. This may mean that the Ravens have a Moneyline bet status of -160, whereas the underdog would have a status of about +135. Therefore, you would not have to bet as much in order to break even.

In contrast, assume that in a different game, the Baltimore Ravens have a 7 point favorite spread. In this case, the Ravens would have a Moneyline status of around -350 and the underdog +285. In this case, you would have to bet more to break even, putting more at risk.

Moneyline vs Spread payout varies from sport to sport

It’s important to note that the payout conversion is different in each sport. In other words, a Moneyline NFL conversion is completely different from a Moneyline NBA bet since the spread lead has different conversions in the sports.

FAQ’s About Moneyline Odds Maryland

How do Moneyline bets work?

Moneyline bets are established based on the competitiveness or skill of each team or player. In other words, the ratings for the Moneyline odds are determined per game. In American betting, the closer to “100” the team odds are, the closer the game will be.

Can you place Moneyline bets in parlay?

Yes. Moneyline parlays in Maryland are actually growing. A parlay is whenever you place a single wager that involves multiple game results. Parlay payout is larger than a wager that only accounts for one player or team.

Even though Moneyline parlays are becoming more popular, it is difficult to win since you have to select multiple winners. If you win, payouts can be very big, especially if the parlay involves underdog winners. We recommend a Moneyline parlay calculator.

Should you bet on favorites or underdogs in MD?

Even though you can have a bigger payout with an underdog, they are less likely to win. On the other hand, constantly betting on the favorites is not a good strategy either. Because it costs more to bet for the favorites, a single loss can put you in the hole by quite a bit.

Instead, it is better to alternate betting on favorites or underdogs based on individual games. We recommend betting on underdogs when the game is close because this will get you more potential payout without risking as much.

Can Moneyline change after being set?

Yes. Spreads and Moneylines are updated based on the people playing and other factors.

Can my Moneyline bet price change once I’ve bet it?

No. As soon as you place your bet, it is accepted, meaning that your Moneyline price for the bet cannot change.