Fiesta Bowl betting Maryland

Those who are familiar with college football are well aware that the Fiesta Bowl betting in Maryland is one of the most well-known bowls played annually. This game is popular to bet on amongst sports betting players and can be a great way to pocket some extra cash if you know where and how to place your bet.

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How to bet on the Fiesta Bowl in MD

The Fiesta Bowl is one in six bowls annually played in college football and played in Phoenix, Arizona, at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale. The Fiesta Bowl takes turns with the other five in hosting the National championship semi-final games for college football.

This bowl takes the two top teams of the season and pits them against each other in order to find the #1 team for that football year. The Fiesta Bowl betting in Maryland is played on or very near the first of January and is a very popular game for bettors to place wagers on each year.

Best Fiesta Bowl betting sites Maryland 2024

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Fiesta Bowl Sportsbooks in Maryland


If you are looking to place a bet on the Fiesta Bowl and you live in Maryland, here are a few great sites you may want to consider signing up with.

Before picking your favorite, take some time to look into all of these Maryland online sportsbooks and make a list of what features and details are important to you.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use and dependable site along with a great app, BetMGM is perfect for you. This company is known for their “line-ups” promos giving you $600 free credits just for signing up.


Fanduel is a popular sports betting site that takes almost every form of banking for deposits and withdrawals. They are well-known for their great promos for all games but especially on their parlays and new customers.

Barstool Sportsbook

Barstools Sportsbooks sports betting site offers their customers a great platform to place bids on, as well as multiple tools that offer information and tips on how to place a great bet. This site is a perfect go-to for significant sporting events, including the Fiesta Bowl.


Pointsbet has previously given their new sign-on customers an offer of “bet $20 win $125” during a past Fiesta bowl game. These promos are the same for other games and sports and are pretty frequent.


DraftKings sportsbook site is a high-quality sports betting company. They offer easy depositing and withdrawing options, and their customer service is 2nd to none. In addition, they have frequent promos and deals that can help double your winnings in many different games.

All of these sportsbook betting sites offer great services and amazing promotional deals. Signing up for multiple accounts will increase your chances of nabbing the best deals available and winning more money in the end.

How to place a bet on the Fiesta Bowl in Maryland


Finding places to bet on the Fiesta Bowl is easy. However, finding a popular and reputable Maryland online sports betting site to place your bet on can be a little more tricky. It is important that you find a sportsbook your feel comfortable and secure using. (You are placing your hard-earned money in their hands.)

The best way to locate a great sportsbook site is by reading the reviews written by current or previous customers. Take these reviews into account when looking at specific information and details for every site you are interested in using.

Important information to keep your eye on includes:

  • Reputation– Make sure the site has a good reputation and doesn’t have many bad reviews.
  • Easy to use- Make sure you are using s sportsbook that is straightforward and doesn’t make placing a wager fee like a chore.
  • Quick pay out– You never want to wait for more than a few days for your winnings to be available.
  • Has the best deals- Go with the sites that offer their customers the best promos and bonuses.
  • Multiple platforms– It is definitely a plus if you find a sportsbook site that offers an app as well as their website.

Knowing how to pick a great sportsbook site is only half the battle when it comes to betting on the Fiesta Bowl. You also need to know what bets to place and how to place them.

Best Bets to Place on the Fiesta Bowl


Now that you have a sportsbook site you plan to use when placing your bet on the Fiesta Bowl. Next, it’s time to discuss which type of bets are best for this NCAAF betting game.

Live Betting in MD

Live betting is a lot different than most other bets, which are usually done well before the game starts. When placing a live bet, you have the opportunity to wager on your favorite teams or on different types of bets in real-time. This can be extremely beneficial to bettors, especially if their team is losing and they want to cut their losses.

Props Betting in MD

Making a props bet is a great way to win some extra money without betting on the game’s final score. Props bets are usually used to place a wager on a player or a specific play or event and not the game’s final outcome.

Over/Under Betting in MD

Over-under betting is one of the most simple forms of betting on the Fiesta Bowl. The sportsbook you are betting with will predict the total points at the end of the game, combining both team’s final scores. Your job is to place a bet on whether the final score is going to be over or under the sportsbooks prediction.

Moneyline Betting in MD

A MoneyLine bet is one of the most popular ways to bet on a football game. This form of betting has three potential wagers favorite wins, underdog wins, or events.

If you are betting on your favorite team, you are going to have a wager that looks like (-150). This means you will wager $150 and will win $100 + your original $150 if the favorite wins.

If you choose to bet on the underdog, it will look something like this (+150). This means you will bet $100 dollars to win $150 + your original $100 if the underdogs win.

Points Spread Betting in MD

A point spread is when a player places a wager on a team that cannot win or loses the game by a predetermined amount of points. Let’s take, for example, a point spread of +7 for the underdog and -7 for the favorite. A player wagering on the favorite team needs to win by at least 8 points for the bettor to win the money.

Oppositely the underdog can only lose by 7 or fewer points in order for those wagering on them to win the payout.

Betting on even means the teams that are playing have shown similar performances throughout the season, and it’s hard to predict which will win the game, so the sportsbooks will make both sides bet evenly with an even payout.


Finding a great sportsbook site doesn’t have to be a chore. It is easy to browse reviews of other users and compare and contrast each site depending on your preferences. The sportsbook sites listed above are all great places for any sports bettor to start.

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FAQ’s About Fiesta Bowl betting Maryland

Is it legal to bet on the Fiesta Bowl in Maryland?

Yes, as long as you are placing your wager on a legal and certified sportsbook betting site placing a bet on the Fiesta Bowl while living in the State of Maryland is completely legal.

Why is the Fiesta Bowl called the Playstation Bowl?

In 2016, Playstation started sponsoring the Fiesta Bowl. Thus, giving people a reason to start referring to it as the Playstation Bowl. In addition, 2021 marks the 50th year anniversary of the Fiesta Bowl games.

Who should I bet on in the Fiesta Bowl?

You should place your wagers on whichever team you feel more comfortable with, depending on the type of bet. However, never forgo betting on the underdog if you have the chance. There are many times the underdog has shocked us all, and those who bet on them have won it big.

What type of bets should I place on the Fiesta Bowl?

The best type of bets to place on just about any football game is Props bets, over/under, and points spread. However, you should also consider partaking in live betting during the Fiesta Bowl because it offers players to place bets during a game after you have seen how the teams and specific players are performing.