Maryland Sports Betting Odds

Before you can start putting down wagers on the sportsbooks with the best odds, you must first understand sports betting terminology, the different types of sports betting odds, and how to read and interpret MD sports betting odds, lines, and spreads.

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Betting odds in Maryland

When we talk about Maryland sports betting odds, we are talking about the probability of a particular outcome. When we talk about Maryland betting odds, we are talking about the likelihood of a specific outcome of a sports event. The probability reflected in betting odds determines how much you will make from your bet or “wager.”

The different odds available are:

  • American
  • Fractional
  • Decimal

Sportsbooks offering the best odds in MD

On this page, we will also look at the predicted online betting sites in MD that offer the best odds to bet on. These sites have extensive experience in the industry and have received wagers for huge sums.

Sportsbooks with the best odds in MD 2024

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Sports Betting Odds in Maryland


There are three types of betting odds in MD – fractional, decimal, and Moneyline. All three of these odds represent the same thing, but they get written differently. Find your favorite sportsbooks in MD and start placing your bets with the type that’s most appealing to you.

Moneyline or American odds in MD

These odds are the most commonly used in Maryland, and the same 2/1 or 3.0 online betting odds are written as +200.

Moneyline sports betting odds are written based on how much you will win for every $100 you bet and are written with a plus or a minus sign depending on the MD sports betting odds. So, +200 odds mean that if you bet $100, you will win $200 plus your initial bet, or $300.

Example of a Moneyline bet in Maryland

So, if team A has +200 online betting odds and team B has -400 online betting odds, team B is more likely to win because their MD sports betting odds are lower. With a bet of $100, you would get back $200 plus your original $100 from team A, but for team B with a bet of $100, you would get back $25 plus your original $100.

Betting on the Moneyline means that you are betting that a team will win or lose based solely on these Moneyline sports betting odds. If you’re after the the best Moneyline Odds bookies you’re able to check them out in the reviews. Draftkings is one of the best ranked Oddsmaker in MD.

Fractional or British odds in MD

Fractional odds are most often seen in Britain and are written as “2/1” or “2-1” and spoken as “two to one.” Two to one odds mean that for every dollar that you “stake” or bet, you will receive two dollars in winnings in addition to your original one-dollar bet.

So, if the odds of team A winning a match are 6/1 and the odds of team B winning a game are 2/1, you stand to make more money by betting on team A. Team A has better odds because they are not as likely to win as team B is.

Decimal or European odds – MD

Decimal odds are most commonly seen in Europe and the same 2/1 MD sports betting odds are written as 3.0. Unlike fractional odds, decimal odds represent the total amount of money you will receive if you win your bet. So, 3.0 odds mean that you will get three dollars when you collect your winnings if you bet one dollar.

So, if team A has 3.0 odds and team B has 9.0 odds, team A is more likely to win because their MD betting odds are lower. If team B wins, though, you win much more money.

Different types of odds in Maryland


There are numerous ways to place a bet. The most common online bets placed at sportsbooks in Maryland are straight bets or parlay bets. In addition, there are also futures and over/under bets, and many more. And in this section, we will go through the different betting options and what differentiates them.

The Point spread odds in MD

An alternative to betting on the Moneyline or a “straight-up” bet is the option to bet on the point spread in MD. The most popular type of sports wagering in MD is based on a “point spread.” The point spread is also referred to as “the equalizer” because its purpose is to create a level playing field even when two teams are playing each other. In baseball, a point spread is referred to as a “run line.”

Example of a Points spread odds

For example, suppose team A is last in the league, and they are playing team B, who is first in the league. In that case, the matchup is skewed in favor of team B. Meaning, the MD sportsbook operators will create a “point spread” that brings both bets to equal betting odds – this is usually -110 odds meaning that you must bet $110 to win $100.

So, if Team A +150 vs. Team B -170, the point spread may be Team A +14.5 (-110 odds) and Team B -14.5 (-110 odds). Since team A is deemed less likely to win, they are the underdog.

To create an even playing field between the two teams, the sportsbook has “given” the underdog 14.5 points meaning that to win your bet, team A must win outright or lose by no less than 14.5 points. Conversely, team B must win by at least 14.5 points to win your bet.

Futures – Odds

Future betting in Maryland are bets that are made on an event that is scheduled in the future. For example, when baseball season opens, you may make a future bet on the Orioles winning the World Series. The World Series is months away, but if you have confidence in your team lineup for the season, you can make a future bet on many different sports in MD.

The advantage of a futures bet is that the MD sports betting odds are much better than they will be closer to the event. The disadvantage of a futures bet is that you must wait a long time to get your return if you do win!

Over/under odds

Another type of bet or wager common in MD is the over/under bet. Sportsbooks make predictions for different statistics in a game or match. For example, they may predict that the final score in a soccer match will be 3. You can opt to bet on whether that score will be higher or lower than 3.

So, if a sportsbook predicts a final score of 3 and you bet on the under, you will win your bet if the final score of the match is 2 or less.

Prop Bet odds in Maryland

Prop bets in Maryland are also called “novelty bets” or “side bets.” A prop bet is a bet that’s not tied to the outcome of the game i.e.: the score or the winning team. And are commonly used in MD when wagering. For example: “Player Y from the Baltimore Ravens will make the first touchdown of the game”

Straight Bets Odds

A straight bet is a bet where you place a wager on one game that has a point spread, run line, money line, or game total. For example, taking team A on the money line or taking team B to cover the spread.

Total Line Odds

A total line bet in Maryland is a bet placed on whether the game’s total score will be over or under the number that the sportsbook sets before the game begins.

Teaser Bet Odds in Maryland

A teaser is a betting ticket in which you combine two or more bets from two or more different games. Each pick in a teaser must either be a bet against the spread or on totals. The maximum number of games you can include in a teaser is ten.

You cannot combine multiple bets on the same game in a teaser. When you bet a teaser bet in Maryland, the payout on your bet is higher because to win the teaser, you must win all the games in the teaser.

For example, if you believe Team A will win in a match against team B. And at the same time believe team C will win in a match against team D. You can combine your picks of team A and team C in a two-game teaser.

Point adjustments

When placing a teaser bet, you can make point adjustments for each individual pick on your teaser ticket which makes it easier to win the teaser, but these also decrease the payout of your bet.

If one of the games in your teaser of two games is a push, if the second game on the ticket wins, you are refunded the amount of your bet. And in the event of the second game is a loss, the teaser is marked as a loss.

If one of the games in your teaser of three or more games is a push, the teaser is reduced by one game. For example, if you place a four-game teaser and one of those games is a push, your teaser becomes a three-game teaser.

Parlay Betting Odds MD

Parlay betting in Maryland is the same as a teaser except that with a parlay, you can combine a wider variety of wagers. For example, a three-game parlay may consist of a money line bet, an over/under bet, and a bet against the spread.

Also, a parlay generally allows you to bet on two to twelve games rather than two to ten. Some sportsbooks do not allow you to combine multiple bets on the same game in a parlay; other sportsbooks will allow you to combine multiple bets on the same game in a parlay.

Handicap Betting Odds

Handicap betting is a term used to refer to a bet where a team is either positively or negatively handicapped from the beginning of the game. And is basically the same thing as the point spread that we talked about above, but handicap betting is a term used more often in the U.K.

Asian Handicap Betting Odds – Maryland

Asian handicap betting is a betting style in soccer that is popular in Asian countries. The Asian handicap is set up to prevent the final outcome of a match from being a tie or draw.

When you place bets on a soccer game, you can pick team A, team B, or a tie. This means that there are three possible different outcomes for the match that you bet on. Asian handicap betting eliminates the chance of a tie by giving teams a handicap so that there are just two possible outcomes.

Example of Asian Handicap Betting Odds

For example, MD sports betting odds may be written as team A (+1.5) vs. team B (-1.5). In this example, team A is the underdog, so they are given 1.5 points. Since there cannot be a half goal in soccer. You are betting on team A to win or not lose by more than one point. Conversely, team B must not lose by more than one point.

Let us look at some examples.

If the final score of the game is 3:4, team A has lost the match by one point, but with the +1.5 handicap, they actually win because the score becomes 4.5:5. If the final score of the game is 3:3. The match is a draw, but with the +1.5 handicap, team A wins because the score becomes 6:5.

Suppose the final score of the match is 3:5, team B wins, and even if you bet on team A to win +1.5, this only brings the score to 4.5:5, so team B wins.

What is a Push?

A push is another name for a tie. For example, if the MD sports betting odds are team A -10 vs. team B and the final score is 10:0. With the point spread factored in, the score is a tie or a “push.”

In the event of a push, you receive your original wager back as if the bet never happened at all. The exception to this rule is soccer, where ties are frequent, and you can bet on them. So, in a soccer match, a tie means that you lose your bet on team A and on team B. If you bet on a tie, however, you win.

Hedge Betting Odds

Hedge betting is a method a bettor can use to get a leverage against a previously placed bet. Read more about hedge betting in Maryland here.

FAQ’s Odds at Maryland betting sites

What Does “Betting Against the Spread” Mean?

Betting against the spread means that you are betting on the point spread rather than the Moneyline.
For example, you may pick the Ravens +13.5 instead of just picking the Ravens to win.

What Are In-Game Wagers?

In-game wagers are bets that are made after a game has already begun. Some sportsbooks refer to this as live betting. While a game is in progress, the odds change dynamically. Live betting lets you make bets throughout the game based on these changing odds.
Most sportsbooks only open live betting during commercial breaks, halftime, or timeout periods of the game.

Can I Cancel My Bet?

Usually No. Once a bet has been placed with a sportsbook, that bet cannot be changed or cancelled. But although this is the common practice there are some that offer this function from time to time.

What is the Minimum I Can Bet With a Sportsbook?

Different sportsbooks offer different minimum bet limitations.

Where Can I Get the Best Odds?

We have created a list of the sportsbook betting sites that offer the best odds.