Sugar Bowl Betting Maryland

If you enjoy betting on football games, there are plenty of college football events to place wagers on. The Sugar Bowl is one tournament that plays a major role in deciding which teams make it to the championships. In this guide, we’re going to discuss what you need to know about Sugar Bowl betting in Maryland.

What is the Sugar Bowl?

Every year on New Year’s Day, the Sugar Bowl is held. This is an annual college football event that first started in 1935. The idea to hold the Sugar Bowl was originally inspired by the Rose Bowl. The results of this bowl are very important in the decision of which teams make it to the national championship, however, each year it will play a different role.

Types of bets to place Sugar Bowl betting Maryland


The Sugar Bowl is a highly anticipated NCAAF betting event, so there are plenty of different betting options. If you want to add a bit of excitement to your New Year’s Day, then you can place any of the following bets on your Sugar Bowl picks:

Sugar Bowl Moneylines

If this is your first time with Sugar Bowl betting, you may want to keep things simple. Moneylines are the easiest form of betting on football games. As the bettor, you choose which team you think will win the game and put down a wager. If that team wins the bowl, you win the bet.

What many bettors like about moneylines is that nothing else will affect the outcome of their bet. They don’t have to worry about the difference in scores, which players scored, disqualifications, or anything else that could happen in the game.

Sugar Bowl Point Spread

A Sugar Bowl spread is a great way to make your bet more challenging. You’ll place a wager on which team you think will win, and how many points they will be ahead in the game. In a point spread bet, if the team you choose scores higher than the one you predicted, you will still win the bet.

However, if they win the game with a lower score difference than your prediction, you’ll lose. If your favorite team is playing their rivals, you might make a bet predicting they will win by 8 points. You will not win the bet if your chosen team only wins by 5 points. However, if they win the game by 12 points, you’ll be able to take home the prize.

Sugar Bowl Over/ Under

An over/under wager is always exciting, and it’s a preferred choice of Sugar Bowl betting for people who aren’t familiar with how the teams play. The sportsbook will always predict the final outcome of the game, which will be the two teams’ scores added together. They will not predict which team will score the most or least, it will just be a predicted total.

In the sportsbook, bettors can then make a wager on whether they believe the final outcome will be over or under the amount of the predicted total.

Sugar Bowl Props

Many long-term viewers of the Sugar Bowl look forward to this event because there is usually a wide variety of different prop bets they can wager on. A proposition bet gives bettors the chance to bet on something that may or may not occur during the game. Some examples of different Sugar Bowl props bets are:

  • How many touchdowns a particular quarterback will score
  • Which team will score first
  • The number of turnovers one team’s defense will force

Sugar Bowl Live Betting

Live betting gives viewers an opportunity to place wagers while the game is on. The sportsbook will usually have statistics for bettors to view in reel time. They will then have the opportunity to place wagers on different types of props bets as they occur. You may have the opportunity to bet on which team will score the next touchdown or anything else that may change as the game continues.

sportsbooks for Sugar Bowl betting Maryland


To place any of the bets we mentioned above, you will need to join a sportsbook. This way you can get your bets in from Maryland. Before we talk about the best Sugar Bowl betting sites, we should discuss what you need to look for in a sportsbook. One thing to consider is that every Maryland online sportsbooks will have different odds listed.

This is why it’s very important to compare different sportsbooks before joining one. You may notice that one sportsbook has a very generous promotional offer for new members, but the odds may be a lot more attractive with another sportsbook. It’s important you consider every angle before joining.

We recommend that you also compare reviews for each of the Sugar Bowl betting sites before joining. Always check for reviews that are posted on sources other than the sportsbook’s official website. This will give you a better idea of what it’s like to be a member. Some other things you should consider about a Sugar Bowl betting site before joining are:

  • Legal and licensed to operate in Maryland
  • Payment and withdrawal methods
  • Payout times
  • Market variety
  • Customer support availability

Best Sugar Bowl betting sites in Maryland

If you’re ready to join a sportsbook to place wagers on Sugar Bowl odds, these are the 5 best sites to take a look at:

BetMGM Maryland Sugar Bowl betting

BetMGM is part of the world-famous MGM franchise and is known for keeping its Sugar Bowl betting odds competitive. This sportsbook always runs attractive welcome bonuses and specials for existing members. You can get in on the Sugar Bowl fun right away because their verification process is instant.

Fanduel MD: Sugar Bowl bets

Fanduel is one of the best sportsbooks to use for live bets because of its clean interface. The software for the mobile app is just as speedy as the desktop version. This helps users get their bets in if they watch the game away from home. Another reason Fanduel is one of the best is that they offer very high-value sign-up bonuses.

DraftKings MD: Sugar Bowl wagers

DraftKings is another reliable sportsbook that is known for its user-friendly mobile app. One reason they are a big favorite among Maryland bettors is that they allow a lower minimum bet. Members can wager on any of the betting lines for as low as $5.

Pointsbet Maryland Sugar Bowl lines

Betting fans in Maryland have praised Pointsbet for its wide market selection. They have so many opportunities to win and even feature a unique wagering style that has worked to increase winners’ odds. When that’s paired with their exclusive promotional offers, it’s hard to look past this Sugar Bowl betting site.

Barstool Sportsbook MD: Sugar Bowl betting

Barstool Sportsbook is a great online hub for any sports fan. They have all the Sugar Bowl info you need in one place. With this sportsbook, you can scan through a large market selection and find all the resources you need to win. If you’re curious about all the news surrounding the Sugar Bowl to help make accurate bets, you can find them on this sportsbook.


If you plan on watching the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day, then you can place wagers on the game to make it more exciting. This college football game is very important leading up to national championships, which means there’s plenty of bets to get in on. Using any of the sportsbooks listed above, you can get your bets in for the event.

FAQ’s About Sugar Bowl Betting Maryland

What information do I need to provide for Sugar Bowl betting?

In order to join a Sugar Bowl betting site, you will need to verify that you are at least 21 years of age. This means that you will need to provide a minimal amount of information, including your name, birth date, and an email to receive confirmation. Some betting sites may require a social security number.

What is the best way to increase my odds for Sugar Bowl betting?

We recommend joining more than one sports betting site for Sugar Bowl betting. This is because each site will post different odds and likely have different promotional offers running. As the bettor, you will have the chance to take advantage of each one being offered.

When should I get my Sugar Bowl bets in?

When Sugar Bowl betting becomes available in your sportsbook for the season, it’s a good idea to get your bets in as early as possible. This is because the odds could change as the event gets closer. If you place your wager on the Sugar Bowl when odds are high, your bet will be locked in with those odds.

Can I use a Sugar Bowl betting site anywhere?

Modern technology allows people to use their sportsbooks anywhere they have internet access. However, it’s important to know that you can only use a Maryland sportsbook while you’re in Maryland. This is because sports betting laws are different in each state.

Which Sugar Bowl bet is the least risky?

All Sugar Bowl bets do have some level of risk to them. The least risky type of bet you could make is either moneylines or over/ unders. This is because they are the least complicated.