Over the last decade, sports betting has gained hundreds of thousands of participants. With online sportsbooks available to bettors at home, it’s no wonder everyone’s looking up the best sports to bet on in Maryland. We’ve provided a detailed list below of the top sports to bet on in the state.

Top Maryland sports to bet on


Most sports bettors in Maryland are familiar with top-niche US sports, such as football, basketball, and baseball; however, there are tons of other sports betting options in MD.


Our MD football betting guide outlines how to bet on the most popular state in the U.S. Bettors can wager on all basic bets, such as moneylines, point spreads, futures, and parlays. Big football markets revolve around the Superbowl, NFL championships, and college football games in certain states.


Baseball betting in MD brings in billions of dollars every season. A lot of the action is found around the MLB World Series and Championship Series. Specific baseball bets include the First 5, run lines, and prop bets such as total strikeouts.


Basketball betting in MD centers on the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, and other tournaments. Some MD sportsbooks also include international competitions with foreign teams. Basketball bets include futures, quarter, halftime, first-half, and teaser bets.


Maryland hockey betting revolves around the NHL. Big events include all Stanley Cup qualifying matches. Among totals and moneylines, hockey fans can also bet on puck lines and “Grand Salami” bets.


Golf betting in Maryland strays from the common sports bets and includes bets such as the Garbage, Bingo Bango Bongo, and Nassau. Popular golf events for bettors are the Masters, US Open, British Open, US PGA Championship and Tour, and the European Tour.


Maryland tennis betting revolves around the US open, but there are many other events to entice bettors. Wimbledon, the Australian Open, French Open, Davis Cup, WTA Finals, and Summer Olympic Games Tennis Tournament are other popular tennis betting events.


Motorsports betting in Maryland is a challenge with a chance to win a lot of cash. Big events include the Triple Crown of Motorsport, Indianapolis 500, and Monaco Grand Prix. Motorsports bets include singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators, trixies, and lucky 15s.


Most Americans are familiar with the FIFA World Cup, but soccer betting in MD also includes MLS, women’s soccer, and international leagues. Common soccer bets include three-way moneylines, double chances, and various total options.


Offering less physical protection and more intensity than football, rugby betting in MD keeps bettors on the edge of their seats. In rugby, you can bet on match results, handicap bets, winning margins, first scoring play, and first try scorer.


E-sports betting in MD offers a wide range of e-sports and bets to choose from. There are four main types of e-sports: player versus player, real-time strategy, first-person shooter, and multiplayer online battle arena. General bets are usually around outright winners, but each game has its selection of specific bet types.

Table tennis

Table tennis betting has continued to grow in popularity. Bettors can follow table tennis leagues, Olympic Games, the Setka Cup, and the TTSTAR SERIES. Some unique bets for table tennis matches include betting on the exact number of games, games decided by extra points, the 3rd game point handicap, and the 1st game-winner.


Cycling betting in MD is most famous for wagering on the race winner; however, you can also bet on the best young rider, best climber, sprint winner, and more. The Tour de France, Giro, and the Road World Cycling Championship make up the Triple Crown of Cycling.


The 2021 PDC World Darts Championship garners a lot of attention around darts betting in Maryland. Bet types include match-winner, leg winner, first 180, and 9 dart finish bets.


Lacrosse betting covers major showcases and invitationals across the U.S. Bettors can access major betting types within this market.


Billiards betting in MD revolves around World Billiards tournaments. You can access century bets, 3-game winner, overall winner, and total bets.


The Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup, and World league dominate volleyball betting events in MD.

Common bets are match bets, total points, correct score, and set betting.


From the Belmont Stakes to the Kentucky Derby, horse-race betting in MD accesses races across the nation. Bet on standard wagers, exactas, quinellas, trifectas, and more.


Wrestling betting in MD is slowly growing in numbers. Wager on match wins, retain the title, near-fall, and brand winner bets at various WWE events.


MMA odds in MD includes knockout, submission, and judge-decision bets. In addition, the UFC organizes plenty of MMA fights throughout the year.


Bettors focused on boxing odds in MD can wager on the method of victory, round betting, or outright winners. The biggest fights usually center around key boxers of that year.

Pro teams to bet on in Maryland


Here are all of Maryland’s pro teams for the best betting options in The Old Line State.

Baltimore Ravens odds in MD

Top Maryland NFL teams that bettors can wager on in MD include the Baltimore Ravens. All the major sportsbooks offer Baltimore Ravens odds in MD, and you’ll have a number of betting options, ranging from Moneylines to Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl futures. It is also worth mentioning that the bookies in the state offer odds on the Washington football team as well.

Bet on the Baltimore Orioles in MD

Maryland’s MLB baseball team is the Baltimore Orioles. They play at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. You will not be disappointed if you choose to participate in Baltimore Orioles betting in MD as most online sportsbooks in the state offer great Baltimore Orioles odds and promos.

Washington Wizards betting in MD

Maryland does not have their own professional basketball team; however, the betting on the Washington Wizards who play in Washington D.C., which is closely located near many Maryland towns. All the operators in the state offer Washington Wizard betting in MD with great bonuses and promos attached.


What are Maryland’s pro sports teams?

Maryland’s pro sports teams include the NFL, Baltimore Ravens, and Washington Redskins in Landover. You can also find the MLB Baltimore Orioles team in Maryland.

What popular sports can I bet on in MD?

Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, and hockey are popular sports to bet on in Maryland.

What small-niche sports can I bet on in MD?

Motorsports, e-sports, table tennis, cycling, darts, lacrosse, billiards, volleyball, horse racing, wrestling, MMA, and boxing are smaller-niche sports you can bet on in Maryland.

Is sports betting in MD legal?

Yes, sports betting in MD is legal for residents who are 21 years or older.

Which sports bets can I make in Maryland?

You can make all major sports bets in Maryland, such as moneyline, point spread, total, parlay, teaser, future, and prop bets. Each sport also offers unique bet types.