FIFA World Cup betting Maryland

It’s hard to argue that there’s any sporting event on the planet more popular than the FIFA World Cup. A contest between 32 national teams from all over the world playing against one another in a tournament to crown a single champion, millions and millions of people go into the World Cup from across the planet every four years. Read the rest of the inside information below to give yourself better odds of winning more FIFA World Cup betting in Maryland.

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Popular FIFA World Cup betting markets


There are a lot of different FIFA World Cup betting markets available to pick and choose from (especially if you’ve signed up for one of the best FIFA World Cup adding Maryland platforms), but finding the right betting markets for your specific goals can feel a little daunting at first. Here are some great options to consider going forward!

World Cup Champion

This is probably the easiest way to bet on FIFA World Cup matches, simply picking the team that you think is going to be the last one standing at the end of the tournament.

Every four years a new FIFA World Cup champion is crowned in the sport, and there’s only ever going to be one team that gets to wear that crown until the next tournament starts back up again.

Moneyline picks (and even FIFA futures pics) can pay off big time if you’re able to pick the right team that actually takes home the glory – and the trophy – and leaves the other 31 teams in the dust.

Group round winners

Of course, trying to pick just one winner out of 32 different teams can be a little bit nerve-racking. You might instead want to try increasing your chances of beating the World Cup betting odds by instead picking the individual group round winners that you think will move forward into the next level of the competition.

The first stage of the World Cup encompasses “Group Stage” competitions, with teams within each individual group playing one another until they’ve amassed enough points to either move forward or get kicked out of the FIFA World Cup that year.

The top two teams from each group are going to advance to a knockout stage, so that gives you lots of opportunities to pick individual winners before you have to settle on who you think will be the FIFA World Cup champion.

Goals Totals

Goals totals (over/under style wagers) can be a lot of fun, with plenty of opportunities to pick different kinds of gold totals available from World Cup betting Maryland sportsbooks, too.

Almost every sportsbook is going to let you bet the over/under on total goals scored during the entire World Cup tournament, but many are also going to let you bet individual team total goals as well.

The best strategy here is to find the most offensive minded teams and bet the over, or the most defensive minded teams without a lot of “fireworks” on offense and bet the under. You might not always come out on top but you’ll shoot your chances of winning through the roof with this approach.

Top goal scorer for the tournament

Every single time the FIFA World Cup tournament is held a single player seems to “catch fire” and just knock down goal after goal after goal.

There are a couple of FIFA World Cup favorites to take home the title of “top goal scorer” during each tournament. Find the one that you think will have the hottest boot of the year and put your money on them!

FIFA World Cup betting tips to remember


Find the right World Cup Sportsbook

It is hugely important that you find the right FIFA World Cup Maryland online sports betting platform to place your wagers on. You need to be sure that the sportsbook you’ve selected is:

  • Completely trustworthy with a sterling silver reputation in the sports betting industry
  • Has great FIFA World Cup odds and betting lines to pick and choose from
  • Offers world-class customer service and support
  • Utilizes a really clean, modern, and easy to navigate user interface (especially on mobile)
  • Provides safe and secure banking solutions for depositing and withdrawing money on your own terms
  • Allows event betting in Maryland

Here are a couple of top FIFA World Cup betting Maryland sportsbook options to consider!

BetMGM Maryland – Owned and operated by the legendary MGM Casino and resort company, this is about as premium a sportsbook as you’re going to find. With great FIFA World Cup odds, plenty of sports opportunities to bet on, and secure banking this is a top choice.

PointsBet Maryland – Variety is the name of the game at PointsBet, with lots of different ways to bet FIFA World Cup games and matches after you’ve signed up for an account. Their Maryland betting bonuses and promos are generous, too.

DraftKings Maryland– The mobile experience on DraftKings is better than maybe any other online sportsbook (US-based or otherwise). If you want to do some World Cup betting Maryland action from your phone, this is the sportsbook to have a closer look into.

FanDuel Maryland – Not everybody wants to throw down gigantic amounts of money when doing a bit of FIFA World Cup betting. FanDuel let’s every fan get in on the action with inexpensive bet minimums not found everywhere else.

Barstool sportsbook MD – Community is the cornerstone element of the Barstool sportsbook, though the FIFA World Cup odds and betting lines they offer are extremely competitive, too. There’s just no other place on the planet to bet on the World Cup alongside Barstool celebrities and personalities than right here.

Weather and injury reports are important

Weather and injury reports have a major impact on FIFA World Cup betting odds and betting lines, and it’s important to pay attention to this kind of information.

Lots of people new to the world of sports betting underestimate just how much of an impact some inclement weather can have, some really hot weather or humid weather can have, or what the impact of a hobbled superstar can be on a World Cup team. Don’t make those same mistakes!

Be wary betting the Spread

Betting the spread when it gets any higher than 0.5 in the sports always a bit risky. You just don’t come across all that many games (especially at the World Cup level) where you’re going to see competitions decided by more than a single goal.

Underdogs come out on top more than you might think

At the same time, you’ll want to have a closer look at underdog options before you lock in your bets. The underdog comes out on top during the FIFA World Cup more often than you might think (especially at the group stage). Don’t sleep on the underdog, especially when there’s a short spread.

FAQ’s About FIFA World Cup betting Maryland

Can I legally bet on the World Cup in Maryland?

Gambling on the World Cup in Maryland is completely legal in every way, shape, and form. Online soccer betting in Maryland is more popular today than ever before!

How do I pick the right sportsbook?

A couple of different things go into picking the right sportsbook, but none are more important than finding a sportsbook you know you can trust.
You also want to look for bookies with great World Cup odds, competitive betting lines, safe and secure banking options, and user interfaces you don’t feel like you have to fight to get your bets in with.
Cover all of those basics and you’ll have a much better time with FIFA World Cup betting for sure!

Can I only join one sportsbook?

Not at all! If you want to sign up for a couple of different sportsbooks that will let you bet on FIFA World Cup action you can definitely go in that direction. In fact, a lot of people like to “shop odds” from one bookie to another to find the best opportunities to win – even on the same wager!

What FIFA World Cup matches can I bet on?

Every single one of the FIFA World Cup matches are eligible to be bet on, provided that you have connected with a legitimate and reputable online sportsbook. It’s the fly-by-night operations (the last trustworthy operations) that you might not be able to rely on.

Can I parlay World Cup bets?

If you are going to do parlay betting with FIFA World Cup games it’s a good idea to kind of get that out of your system during the group stage. Any later than that and things become a whole lot harder to predict, especially since the skill gap between these world-class teams shrinks dramatically after the bulk have been eliminated during the knockout rounds. Bet parlays early if you’re going to go down that road!