Point Spread Betting Maryland

Are you interested in placing a point spread bet on a sportsbook site in Maryland but a little confused on what a point spread system is or even where to go in order to play?

Luckily for you, we are making it easy for you to find a great site to place a bet and have provided a guide on what exactly a point spread bet is and how you can use it to your advantage.

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Guide to Point Spread betting in MD

Finding a great betting site with a fair and easy-to-use point spread isn’t always easy to do. You always want to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company that is professional, user-friendly, and gives you incentives to keep playing.

We feel all of the above sports betting sites in Maryland are the real deal and can help you bring in some big money–or you will at least have a great time trying.

Top sportsbooks for Point Spread Betting in MD 2024

Caesars Sportsbook Point Spread Betting Maryland Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,250 bonus Bet now Caesars MD promo code
BetRivers Point Spread Betting Maryland BetRivers Sportsbook Up to $500 in bonus bets
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
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DraftKings Point Spread Betting Maryland DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
Bet now DraftKings MD promo code
Betfred Point Spread Betting Maryland Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now
BetMGM Point Spread Betting Maryland BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
Bet now BetMGM MD bonus code
FanDuel Point Spread Betting Maryland FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5 get $200 in bonus bets Bet now FanDuel MD promo code
PointsBet Point Spread Betting Maryland PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet MD promo code
Crab Sports Point Spread Betting Maryland Crab Sports Up to $250 in bonus bets
  • Great live betting options
  • Parlay boost
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Best sportsbooks in Maryland for Point Spread betting


Because sportsbooks are becoming so popular, you will find many different online betting sites in Maryland, and it may be hard to decide who is the best, who is legit, and where you can feel safe placing a bet.

We took the worry out of the game for you and put together a list of the best sportsbook sites in Maryland for point spread bets.

BetMGM Point Spreads

BetMGM is a sportsbook site that offers online bettors the opportunity to take a chance on their favorite sports teams from the comfort of their own homes. They are a reputable company backed by many years of service in the casino and sports betting world.

This site has many ways to win money through online sports betting, including point spread bets. They are well known for their fair odds and exciting promotions offered daily.

Pointsbet offers Point Spreads

Pointsbet sportsbook site offers an excellent point spread system and is famous for betting on NBA, NFL, and MLB teams. They promote having some of the best odds offered in the online betting world and have some of the highest reviews.

This site has been growing in popularity along with sports betting online in general and is one of the top sites offered in Maryland today.

Draftkings Point Spreads

DraftKings is famous for its amazing offers and promotional deals. These deals are included when it comes to betting through their point spread system. This company also offers their customers a Parlay form of points betting, allowing you to place a bet on one or more teams with a single wager.

Fanduel Point Spreads

Fanduel sportsbooks are rapidly growing all over the country and are known for being a reputable and highly successful sports betting site. They offer an easy-to-use and understandable site and make betting your money safe and fun.

This company has an excellent point spread system that often hands out promo deals that can increase your winnings during your favorite sporting events.

Barstool Sportsbook Point Spreads

Barstool sportsbooks are known for having an easy-to-navigate sports betting website and now even easier MD sports betting app for your smartphone. This downloadable app is available through google play and makes placing a bet a breeze.

Placing a point spread bet on this site is easy and getting your payout at the end is quick and painless, making this site one of our top picks for sportsbook companies.


What is a Point Spread in a sportsbook in Maryland?


A point spread system helps to keep betting odds on an equal playing field for both teams. As a sports betting site, you probably wouldn’t make very much money if you only offered betting one team to win against another.

This point system helps give each person betting a chance to win no matter which team they want to bet on. That means people who would like to bet for their favorite team can, even if they are the underdog.

Point Spread example

It is kind of difficult to understand how the point spread system works. Not because the betting itself is tricky, but because of how complicated it can be to explain and understand. Here is an example of point spreading to give you a clearer understanding of how to use this method to win bigger when placing a bet.

Say you are betting on a football game played by the Baltimore Ravens and the Carolina Panthers. The Ravens have been doing great all year and are the top team for the season, whereas the Panthers are currently the underdog.

In order to make the betting odds fair and ensure there are going to be even bets placed for all sides, minus points will be added to the Ravens score and plus points to the Panthers.

Baltimore Ravens– 2.5-110
Carolina Panthers+2.5-110

This chart is an example of a point spread system where the Baltimore Ravens must beat the Panthers by at least three or more points for the bettors to win because the 2.5 will be subtracted from the final score.

In the same example, the Carolina Panthers will need to win the game or, at least, can not lose to the Ravens by two or more points because they will have that 2.5 added to their final score.

Breaking it down further: The final score of the game is 21 to 20. The Ravens won the game. However, they didn’t win enough to cover the point spread because subtracting the 2.5 from their score put them at 19.5 points. The Panthers, however, got enough at the end to win with the additional 2.5, which put their final score at 22.5.

(This example is to help better explain point spread and isn’t an actual example of odds or a legit game.)

Betting odds of a Point Spread in Maryland


When looking at a point spreads chart, you will notice the odds sections, and the common number will be -110 but can fluctuate per bet or sportsbook. This simply means how much you would have to wager on each bet.

So, for a -110, you would pay a $110 bet to win $100. The extra $10 is the “vig” or the “juice” given to the sportsbooks as a broker fee. So, in the end, if you win, you are given back your $110 plus the $100 you won, leaving the game with $210.

There are often promotions or offers given to sportsbook customers throughout the day that waive or reduce the vig fee, meaning you can break even on a $100 bet.

What are the outcomes of a Point Spread?

There are only three possible outcomes of a point spread the underdog covers the spread, the favorite covers the spread, or it’s a push.

The underdog: If the underdog covers the spread, that means the underdog team either wins the game or only loses within the set margin on the point spread. Those betting for the underdog win.

The favorite: If the favorite team covers the spread, meaning the team wins by gaining points over their margin. Those betting for the favorite team wins. A push: If the favorite team wins the game by the exact margin on the spread, the bettors will have their wagers returned to them.

What is a hook in a Point Spread?

A hook is the extra .5 points in a point spread when you are betting on two teams and their final score. Because there is no way for any team to earn a half-point, that .5 works in favor of the team that needs to win by a whole number.

For example, Basketball team A is the underdog and has a 2.5 margin, and team B is the favorite and has a -2.5 margin. The final score is 4-2, with team B winning.

Because of the hook, team B actually needs to win by 3 for the bettors to win. However, because team A only lost by two and had a 2.5 margin, those betting on team A will win.

FAQ’s About Point Spread Betting Maryland

How Does Point Spreads Work?

Point spreads allow those betting for an underdog team to have equal betting odds as those betting on a favorite team pick.

What is the “Juice”

The juice is the percentage of a bet the sports betting site takes as a fee in order to make a profit on their sites. The average “juice” or broker fee is 10%.

What Sports Can You Bet on Through a Point Spread?

The point spread betting system is one of the most popular ways to place bets on sports today. You can bet on almost any sport you prefer using the point spread system.

Why is Point Spread Betting in Maryland a Popular Way to Bet?

Point spreading gives everyone a chance to win, even if you are betting for an underdog team that has a very slim chance of actually winning a game. This form of betting keeps the games fair, fun and gives everyone an equal chance to win some cash.

Can the Point Spread Margins Change?

Yes, there are a few different reasons for the lines of a point spread margin to change. These changes can occur at any time before the starting of a game, so it is crucial to keep your eye on the margin before placing your bet. Some of the most common reasons for the line to change are injured players, change in coaching, and a new player added to the team.