Risk-Free Bets Maryland

Many legal sports bettings sites in Maryland advertise attractive offers to new customers. A very popular bonus for sportsbooks is risk-free bets in Maryland. Each betting site will have its own offer, and it’s important to know what to expect in order to make the most of your offer. In this review, we’re going to cover what you should know about risk-free bet offers through Maryland sportsbooks.

Risk Free Bonuses at MD sportsbooks

When you’re looking to sign on to a new sportsbook, it’s always a good idea to look out for MD betting bonuses. Since you’re already planning to place a bet, these offers can give you a second chance in case you don’t win the first time around. Always make sure you are familiar with the sportsbook’s rules, so you know what to expect with your reimbursement.

What are the best Risk-Free bet offers in Maryland?


All players must be 21 years of age and physically present in Maryland to place bets online. When signing up for a new sportsbook, players should keep an eye out for different promotions. Risk-free bet offers are one of the most user-friendly promotions, and these are some of the best sportsbooks in Maryland that offer them.


Fanduel Maryland offers one of the most attractive risk-free bet promotions for sportsbook betters in Maryland. They are allowing new members a risk-free bet of up to $1000. This is one of the highest offers for sportsbooks in the state. This promotion is available to anyone who is eligible to register with Fanduel.

What makes this offer so attractive to new members is that they can place a bet risk-free of up to $1000 and receive it back in site credit if they lose. The site credit can then be used for multiple bets. So, for example, if a member wages $1000 and loses, they can then split that $1000 credit into multiple smaller bets.

One of the other reasons why betters across Maryland prefer the platform is that they include both the stake and the winnings in their payouts. When it comes to Maryland sportsbooks, Fanduel has the best risk-free bet offer. They have even updated their app, so Android and iOS users can have the same experience they would on their desktop computers.


The welcome offers at DraftKing Maryland are often changing per season, but when they do offer risk-free bets, it’s very enticing. The risk-free bet can be used for bets up to $1000. While this is similar to what others are offering, many bettors claim that the interface and navigation for the platform aren’t as seamless.

While betters are eligible to get full reimbursement of up to $1000, this offer only qualifies for certain bets. All bets must be placed in a market that has odds greater than -300. However, there is a large selection of betting markets to choose from. Players can’t place bets that are too low on this offer, and the minimum bet is $5.

DraftKings is a trusted brand with many regular odds boosts, making their risk-free bets offer worth checking out. One thing that many members like about this site are that they can open one account to use for both a sportsbook and daily fantasy.


BetMGM Maryland encourages new users to sign up using a welcome code. This code will allow them a risk-free bet of up to $600. However, BetMGM’s offer is different from the previous sportsbooks that we have reviewed. If a player loses their bet, they will still receive a credit of what they wagered as long as it was over $50.

What happens is that the bet refunds will get distributed to your account as free bets in 20 % sums. If a player places a bet of the entire $600 and loses, BetMGM will give them 5 $120 credits. One thing all players should keep in mind is that the free bet credit won’t be included in their winnings.


PointsBet Maryland offers new members 2 separate risk-free bets that could be used for up to $2000. The first bet can be placed on any fixed odds market for up to $500. The second bet can be used for up to $1500 on one of the site’s “PointsBetting” markets.

While the amount wagered will be credited back to the account, players will lose their stake. In order to take advantage of this double sign-up offer.

Barstool Risk-Free bet

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland also offers a great risk-free bet sign-up offer for up to $1000. If a player doesn’t win their bet, the entire wager (as long as it doesn’t exceed $1000) will be credited back to their account. While the amount wagered will be credited back to the user’s account as bonus cash, it must be used on a bet before it can be withdrawn.

What is a Risk-Free bet?


Before getting into the different risk-free bet offers in Maryland, let’s discuss what exactly a risk-free bet is. A risk-free bet is a promotional offer that’s usually very simple for the player to take advantage of. When a sportsbook has a risk-free bet promotion running, that means they will refund the player up to a certain amount if they lose the bet placed.

A risk-free bet is one of the most popular welcome bonuses for new customers on most Maryland betting sites. Some betting sites only offer risk-free bets of a couple hundred, while others may offer more than $1000. This essentially means that the player doesn’t have to worry about losing anything, even if they don’t win the bet.

Always read the terms and conditions for your sportsbook to know how you receive your bonus in the case that you experience a loss. If a player does lose their bet of a certain amount, the sportsbook will refund their payment as either:

  • Site credit
  • Free bet
  • Bonus cash

Are all Risk-Free bets 100 % Risk-Free?

As attractive as this offer may be, it’s important to realize that your bet isn’t 100 % risk-free. Every sportsbook in Maryland has different rules regarding how these bonuses are handled. One thing to keep in mind is that a risk-free bet loss isn’t handled the same way as a win.

When a player signs up for the risk-free bets in Maryland promotion, and they win the bet, they can usually cash out right away. The same doesn’t go for the risk-free bet. A lot of websites offer a site credit, and the player may have to wait for it to appear in their account. This isn’t something they can cash out. They will need to win in order to get their cash back.

It’s always important to remember that no matter how attractive that offer is, that it’s never actually risk-free. If a player uses their credit on another bet and loses, they will not receive any money back. Likewise, no promotion can guarantee a win.

Are Risk-Free bet offers worth it?

Now that you’re aware that you aren’t guaranteed your money back with a risk-free bet, you may be wondering if they are worth it. If you are planning on joining a Maryland sports betting site, then risk-free bets are worth your time. This is because they give players a second chance. If you lose the first bet, you know you can take another shot at it without paying twice.

This type of offer does give players a better chance at seeing a win because 2 bets have better odds than 1. However, while there are many great promotions aimed at new players, most players prefer risk-free bets because it was a second bet they were planning on using anyway.

FAQ’s About Risk-Free bets Maryland

What is a good Risk-Free betting strategy in Maryland?

Players will have to keep their eyes open for a good risk-free bet strategy that allows them to bet both sides of the wager. If you pay attention to the lines of competing sportsbooks, you may find an arbitrage situation that allows you to come out on top. This does require players to use more than one Sportsbook and take advantage of their boosters.

What happens if i don’t use the Risk-Free bet right away?

Every MD sports betting operator will have an expiry date with their bonus offers. Always make sure you can use the offer within the timeframe before committing to the offer. If a player doesn’t use their reward in time, they will likely lose it.

How does a Risk-Free bet work?

A player will place a bet on a qualifying market. If they win the bet, the money will be available in their account, where they can withdraw it. If they lose, they will have that sum in credits to place another free bet.

Will I get my stake back on Risk-Free bets in Maryland?

This will depend on what site you are registered with. In most cases, if you are given site credit, you should be able to win your stake back. However, free bets usually only allow the winner to withdraw their profit.

Do I have to use the full amount for a Risk-Free bet?

Members will not be required to bet the full amount that their risk-free bet offers. However, some sites will have a minimum payment amount. For example, if you sign up to a site that offers a $1000 risk-free bet offer, you can still place a smaller bet of $200.